Protect Your Pennies With Our Top Tips For Making Your Name Labels Go Further

News: Protect Your Pennies With Our Top Tips For Making Your Name Labels Go Further

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Protect Your Pennies With Our Top Tips For Making Your Name Labels Go Further

While many parents know about the benefits of buying name labels for their children’s belongings, they may not have room in their budget to buy as many as they would like. At Label Planet, we developed our name labels with busy parents in mind and we’ve tried to make our products as simple and easy to buy as they are to use, which is why we’ve put together a few top tips to help you make your order of name labels as cost effective as possible:

Top Tips for Name Labels…

Buy a larger pack size than you need
So, this one might not seem like a fair suggestion but our larger packs ARE more cost effective than our smaller packs (with a lower price per label) and you only have to use as many labels as you need now before storing the rest away for when you next need them.
We recommend that you keep your name labels in their original packaging and store them in a dry place, out of direct sunlight, at room temperature; our Stikins ® will retain their original quality for up to two years and our Trons ® for up to five years providing you store them correctly.

Make the most of our multipurpose name labels
Unlike traditional sew in or iron on name labels (and some other stick on name labels), our Stikins ® are a truly versatile stick on name label product that can be used to label pretty much EVERYTHING. Where other name label companies might ask you to buy multiple sets of name label products for use on different KINDS of belongings, if you choose Stikins ® you can buy one pack and use those labels on ALL of your children’s belongings (including shoes and bags, lunch boxes and water bottles, and personal items). The ONLY thing that they aren’t really suitable for is socks (which don’t have a wash-care label and have an unstable, stretchy surface that is extremely difficult to stick a label onto).
To get the best possible results from your Stikins ® you should make sure that you only apply them onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items and onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes.

Purchase a pack that you can share between family members
It’s completely up to you what text you request on your labels and we are more than happy to allow customers to request text that allows them to share a pack of name labels between two or more family members. You may wish to include just a surname (or an initial and a surname if your children have names beginning with the same letter), to include two or more names on the same label (e.g. by putting “Name 1 & Name 2” or “Name 1 Or Name 2” or “Name 1/Name 2” on the top line and the surname on the bottom line), or to use text that allows you to cut your labels up to create individual labels for two children (e.g. by adding “Name 1 Surname Name 2” and cutting off one of the names or by adding the first full name on the top line and the second full name on the bottom line and cutting the labels in two).

Take up our multipack discount offer
We are currently running an offer that means if you order four or more packs, you will receive a 10% discount on your order. You don’t need to enter any codes or do anything differently – as long as you have four packs in your basket as you checkout, the 10% discount will be automatically applied – and it doesn’t matter if you order four completely different packs (for different names, different pack sizes, or even different products) or if you order four of the same. If you don’t need four packs yourself, you may want to get in touch with friends and/or family and place a joint order that will allow you to qualify for the discount together.

More Tips and Information about our Name Labels

For more tips and advice you can visit our Parent FAQs page or take a look through our Blog posts; to go ahead and place an order simply visit either our Stikins ® product page to get started.

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