Getting Creative With Colour-Inspired Names

News: Getting Creative With Colour-Inspired Names

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Getting Creative With Colour-Inspired Names

Names inspired by colours – Our most requested colourful clothing labels

While looking for a theme for this week’s blog post, we noticed that today is the birthday of the American singer P!nk, which reminded us of all the wonderfully colourful names we’ve received over the years. As the leading supplier of stick on clothing labels, we’ve encountered hundreds of different names over the years, many of which are inspired by different colours. Here are just some of the most popular colour-inspired names used by Stikins ® labels customers (so far):





Warm colours tend to be the most popular options, with all of our top five colour-based names being associated with red and orange tones. While some colour-inspired names are taken straight from different terms for different colours, we also have a number of names that are inspired by colours, including “Bruno” (derived from the Germanic word “brun” meaning brown), “Bianca” and “Blanche” (derived from a French nickname meaning white), and “Phoenix” (the name of the mythical bird is said to have derived from the Greek word “phoinix”, which means “dark red” or “purple-red”).

Other colour-inspired names that we’ve come across include:

Albus / Alba / Arun / Aruna / Azure / Blaine

Blake / Ciarán / Ciara / Cyan / Edom

Electra / Fidda / Fionn / Grey / Gwen / Iole

Iris / Lavender / Lilac / Lloyd / Melanie

Nila / Nilam / Odhrán / Red / Sable / Sini

Sonal / Tawny / Teal / Xanthe

Do you need personalised clothing labels?

We supply Stikins ® clothing labels, which are plain white labels that are with a bold black font to make sure that your information is clear and easy to read. These multipurpose labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high and can be used to label almost any kind of item, including clothing (where they should be applied on the wash-care label), bags and shoes (in shoes they should be applied onto the side wall or beneath the tongue), and all kinds of personal items including lunch boxes and water bottles, books and stationery kits, mobile devices and tablets, and P.E. kits and sports equipment.

Sadly, our silver clothing labels are now a discontinued item as we are no longer able to source the material used to make these labels. We do however have a limited supply of silver labels, which can be ordered by phone – while stocks last! To order your own pack of labels today, you can do so online by filling in our online enquiry form, or you can contact us directly. A member of our team will be happy to help and can also answer any questions that you may have!

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