Be Prepared For The Circle Of Life With Stikins ® Name Tags

News: Be Prepared For The Circle Of Life With Stikins ® Name Tags

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Be Prepared For The Circle Of Life With Stikins ® Name Tags

Twenty-four years ago, Disney’s The Lion King burst onto cinema screens, becoming one of the company’s most successful and popular films ever. Here at the Stikins ® name tags office, we thought we’d celebrate with some fascinating facts about one of our favourite films…

  1. Most people know the plot was loosely inspired by Hamlet. During development, the story was described as “Hamlet in Africa with Bambi thrown in” – or Bamblet for short.
  2. Many of the character names come from the Swahili language. Simba means lion, Rafiki means friend, Shenzi means barbarous (savage), Sarabi means mirage, Taka (Scar’s real name) means waste, while Pumbaa can be interpreted as foolish, dumbfounded, weak-minded, thoughtless, or ignorant. Zazu is a Hebrew name meaning movement, Timon is a Greek name and means to honour, Mufasa is usually interpreted as king, while Nala can be interpreted as successful or beloved.
  3. Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase, interpreted in the film as no worries. Hakuna means there is not here and Matata means problems.
  4. An early title for the film was King of the Jungle. This changed when the production team realised that lions don’t actually live in the jungle.
  5. The wildebeest stampede took THREE years to complete. A brand new computer program had to be written to allow animators to recreate the movements in a stampede.
  6. An early version of Mufasa’s death was actually more intense and heart-breaking. After making test audiences burst into uncontrollable sobs, the scene was toned down.
  7. The opening scene originally featured dialogue introducing the main characters. After directors heard The Circle of Life, the scene was re-done and became the film’s trailer.
  8. The opening chant is written in the Zulu language. It translates as…
    Here comes a lion, Father. Oh yes, it’s a lion. Here comes a lion, Father. Oh yes, it’s a lion. It’s a lion. We’re going to conquer. A lion and a leopard come to this open place.
  9. When Mufasa tells Simba that the stars are the great kings of the past, you can see the constellation of Leo – the lion – in the sky.
  10. An earthquake forced Disney Studios to close temporarily during production with artists working on the film from their own homes. This meant that some artists worked on the same scenes from opposite sites of the country.
  11. The lions’ roars are a combination of different sounds. This included grizzly bears, fighter jets, and tigers – because tiger roars are much more powerful and intense than lion roars. American voice actor, Frank Welker, contributed additional sounds by snarling, growling, and even burping into a small metal rubbish bin.
  12. Pumbaa was the first Disney character ever to fart on film!

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