Get Ready For A Weekend Of Sport

Product Information: Get Ready For A Weekend Of Sport

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Get Ready For A Weekend Of Sport

While things may not have panned out exactly as hoped, for many people, this weekend is still all about sport. Whether you’re a football fanatic or a tennis devotee, there’s plenty of sporting action to celebrate (or avoid) this weekend.

Here at the Stikins ® name labels office, we thought we’d take a look at some of the top stats and fascinating facts about the World Cup and Wimbledon – both of which come to a close this weekend.


  • Wimbledon: 1877
  • World Cup: 1930


  • Wimbledon: Fortnight
  • World Cup: Month


  • Wimbledon: The Five Main Events include: 128 players in both the Men’s & Women’s Singles, 64 pairs in both the Men’s & Women’s Doubles, and 48 pairs in the Mixed Doubles.
  • World Cup: 32 Teams


  • Wimbledon: 127 matches for both singles tournaments, 63 matches for both doubles tournaments, and 47 matches for mixed doubles
  • World Cup: 64 matches


  • Wimbledon: Visitor numbers peaked at 493,928 in 2016. In 2017, viewership for the final matches peaked at 6.4 million (Men’s) / 4.7 million (Women’s).
  • World Cup: At the last World Cup, 3,429,873 fans attended matches, with around 3.2 billion people watching the tournament on TV. More than a billion fans tuned in to watch the final.


  • Wimbledon: In the Open Era (from 1968), the most successful male players have been Roger Federer (8 Men’s Singles), Todd Woodbridge (9 Men’s Doubles), and Owen Davidson and Leander Paes (4 Mixed Doubles each). Martina Navratilova is the most successful female player with 6 Women’s Singles, 7 Women’s Doubles, and 4 Mixed Doubles titles.
  • World Cup: Since the tournament began, 8 teams have managed to win the final. Brazil is the most successful team with 5 wins. The other winning countries are Italy (4), Germany (3), Argentina (2), Uruguay (2), and France, Spain, and – of course – England (1).


  • Wimbledon: In 2018, participants will be awarded prize money from a shared pot of £31.6 million with the Singles Champions getting £2.25 million each.
  • World Cup: In 2018, teams will be awarded prize money from a shared pot of $400 million (around £300 million), with the winning team getting an estimated $38 million (around £28 million).


  • Wimbledon: Around 54,250 yellow Slazenger tennis balls are used during the tournament. Between matches, they are carefully stored to keep them at a steady temperature of 20°C. The Wimbledon Foundation sells tennis balls used during the tournament to raise money for charitable causes.
  • World Cup: Around 3,240 Adidas footballs were used during the 2014 World Cup. This year, two designs have been used (so far) – one for the group stage and one for the knock outs. Footballs are usually given to teams, referees, the host country, FIFA’s partners (and museum) – although some are given away to fans.


  • Wimbledon: Wimbledon famously has a strict set of rules that govern the clothing (and accessories) that players can wear. Players must dress “almost entirely in white” with no solid mass of colour(s), little or no dark/bold colours, no fluorescents, and a preference for any present colours to be pastel.
  • World Cup: The World Cup is similarly strict; teams must submit their kit designs a year in advance and both the home and away kits must conform to FIFA’s Equipment Regulation Guide – which this year was 104 pages long! Rules govern the use of colours, text, and logos.


  • Wimbledon: The Hawk-Eye system was introduced on Centre Court and No 1 Court in 2006 to act as an electronic line calling system. It has since been added to courts 2,3, 12, and 18.
  • World Cup: FIFA introduced similar goal-line technology in the 2014 World Cup. The 2018 tournament uses Hawk-Eye systems for goal-line technology and as part of the new VAR (video assistant referee) setup.


  • Wimbledon: 15 British players have won the Men’s Singles 37 times (most recently Andy Murray, 2016). 14 British women have won the Women’s Singles 36 times (most recently Virginia Wade, 1977). British players have won the Men’s Doubles 33 times (most recently Jonathan Marray, 2012), the Women’s Doubles 10 times (most recently Angela Buxton, 1956), and the Mixed Doubles 17 times (most recently Jamie Murray, 2017).
  • World Cup: England has entered every tournament since joining in 1950. We failed to qualify at all three times (1974, 1978, and 1994) and failed to make it past the group rounds three times (1950, 1958, and 2014). So far our best results have been 1990 (placing fourth) and – of course – this year, when England will place third or fourth depending on the outcome of tomorrow’s match…

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