Your Most Popular Names Of 2019!

Just for Fun: Your Most Popular Names Of 2019!

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Your Most Popular Names Of 2019!

Each year, we create a list of the names that we printed most often onto our name labels over the last twelve months. Have your favourite names made the list this year?! Read on to find out!

Your Favourite Names For 2019!

Each year, thousands of amazing names get printed onto our name labels. Throughout the year, we like to champion some of our favourite themes and inspirations – but we always like to start the new year by taking a look back at the last twelve months to find out which names were your top picks.

So, here are the most popular names requested by our customers in 2019. Have your favourites made the top of our list?

A blue and pink stripy background displays our top names of 2019. Our top 20 names for girls were: Emily, Sophie/Sophia, Olivia, Isla, Grace, Jessica, Amelia, Evie, Lily, Chloe, Ella, Charlotte, Lucy, Poppy, Ava, Isabelle/Isabella, Freya, Ruby, Daisy, and Alice. Our top 20 names for boys were: Oliver, Jack, Harry, Charlie, George, James, Thomas, William, Joshua, Max, Henry, Jacob, Ethan, Noah, Ben, Oscar, Daniel, Joseph, Alex, and Alfie.

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