Classic Names For Classic Name Labels

Just for Fun: Classic Names For Classic Name Labels

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Classic Names For Classic Name Labels

There have been all kinds of naming trends over the years. From celebrities and entertainment, to names inspired by nature, we've seen them all! Names also tend to rise and fall in popularity. Some disappear entirely, while others begin to make a quiet resurgence. This week, we’re celebrating names from a century ago, seeing how classic names from the 1920s are faring in the 2020s (at least amongst our name labels customers!).

Classic Names On Classic Name Labels

With so many sources of inspiration, it’s hard to predict where the next big name craze might come from. However, some believe that names actually dip in and out of fashion based on a cycle of around 100 years. We were intrigued by this idea and decided to see how popular names from 100 years ago are now.

Taking the top 100 names each for boys and girls from 1924, we compared them to the names we’ve printed over the last 12 months.

Amazingly, amongst these 200 classic names, there were only three missing from our list – Clifford, Basil, and Hubert.

96% were requested more than once with over 72% requested more than 10 times. Best of all, 21% of the 1920s names were requested by at least 100 families last year. Which seems to suggest that some classic names really are making a comeback.

The most popular names from the 1920s amongst our 2020 customers were:

Emily & Harry Lily & Jack
Grace & George Lucy & James
Alice & Thomas Daisy & William
Ruby & Henry Florence & Daniel
Eva & Joseph Hannah & Samuel

Here are the top 100 names from 1924 – can you spot any of your family’s names on the list?!

A black background with a gold Art Deco style border sits behind a list of the top 100 names from 1924, which are also in gold. The names are Margaret, John, Mary, William, Joan, George, Joyce, James, Dorothy, Thomas, Kathleen, Ronald, Doris, Kenneth, Irene, Robert, Elizabeth, Arthur, Eileen, Frederick, Betty, Peter, Jean, Edward, Marjorie, Albert, Gladys, Charles, Doreen, Leslie, Vera, Joseph, Elsie, Stanley, Barbara, Eric, Winifred, Frank, Edna, Dennis, Audrey, David, Edith, Norman, Florence, Ernest, Phyllis, Henry, Lilian, Leonard, Hilda, Harold, Olive, Alfred, Annie, Raymond, Violet, Donald, Alice, Harry, Patricia, Reginald, Ivy, Richard, Muriel, Jack, Iris, Walter, Evelyn, Cyril, Peggy, Geoffrey, Catherine, Alan, Ethel, Douglas, Beryl, Gordon, Gwendoline, Michael, Ellen, Roy, Sylvia, Bernard, Sheila, Francis, Rose, Patrick, Constance, Sidney, Frances, Herbert, Lily, Maurice, Freda, Clifford, Marion, Anthony, Nancy, and Victor.

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