Celebrating The Names Of Barbie & All Her Friends

Just for Fun: Celebrating The Names Of Barbie & All Her Friends

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Celebrating The Names Of Barbie & All Her Friends

Today sees the release of the first live-action Barbie film. So, we decided to celebrate the names of Barbie and her friends. Plus, we look at ways to personalise your name labels to make them unique to your family!

Celebrating Barbie and All Her Friends (And Ken)

Barbie has starred in over 40 films, multiple web and animated series, television specials, over 100 comics, and over 400 books. Today marks the first time she has featured in a live-action film. So, we decided to celebrate by finding out how many name labels we’ve printed with the names of Barbie, her friends and family, and Ken!

Amazingly, we found over 50 names. Sadly, while we didn’t find any requests for “Barbie”, we did find a number for “Barbara”. Did you know that Barbie’s official name is Barbara Millicent Roberts (and Ken’s is Kenneth Sean Carson)? Here are the top 40 names we found. Does your name feature on our list?

The names of Barbie and her friends and family are listed on a checkerboard background. The squares alternate between a bright pink background with a white font and a white background with a bright pink font. The names are: Barbara (Barbie), Ken (Ken), George (Barbie’s Dad), Margaret (Barbie’s Mum), Stacie (Barbie’s Sister), Chelsea (Barbie’s Sister), Kristine (Barbie’s Sister), Marie (Barbie’s Cousin), Max (Barbie’s Cousin), Allan (Friend), Ana (Friend), Becky (Friend), Blaine (Friend), Cara (Friend), Courtney (Friend), Daisy (Friend), Derek, Daisy (Friend), Desiree (Friend), Daisy (Friend), Devon (Friend), Drew (Friend), Grace (Friend), Harper (Friend), Jamie (Friend), Kayla (Friend), Kira (Friend), Lea or Lia (Friend), Mari (Friend), Marina (Friend), May (Friend), Melody (Friend), Nia (Friend), Nicole  (Friend), Renee (Friend), Simone (Friend), Summer (Friend), Tara (Friend), Teresa (Friend), Tia (Friend), Tori (Friend), and Whitney (Friend).

How To Personalise Name Labels So They’re Perfect Just For You

Many children share their name with other children in their class. Here are our top tips for making your personalisation truly personal to your child.

  • If your child has a unique first name, you can have your name labels printed with this single name in the largest possible font size. This will make your personalisation stand out.
  • If your child doesn’t have a unique first name, you can add their surname. You can get a larger font size by using the top line for their first name and the bottom line for their surname. If your child has a particularly long surname, try using an initial to keep things short and sweet.
  • You could also use a nickname if your child is better known by a different name in school. If their nickname is not commonly used, you could add both their given name and surname to make sure staff know which child owns a lost item.
  • If your child shares their name with another child in the school, you could add their class or year group. You could also add a friendly message.

We offer one or two lines of text and each line can hold up to 22 characters (including spaces). It’s up to you how you personalise your labels – but you’ll find plenty of tips and advice here in our blog. You can use our online Preview to see what your personalisation will look like and try out a few different options. You can also get in touch if you have any questions about the best way to personalise your labels.

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