FAQ – How Do I Order A Pack To Share Between My Family?

For households who are keeping a close eye on their budget, buying a pack of name labels to share between two or more children (or, indeed, all members of your family) is a brilliant way to get the name labels you need without paying more for individual packs.

While our system won’t allow you to split a pack between two or more individual names (in other words, all of the labels within a pack have to be printed with the same text), we are more than happy for customers to get creative with their orders and request packs that can be shared. In fact, we’ve even got a few suggestions to get you started:

Using a surname only means you can share a pack of labels between family members and lost items can be returned to to the right family (albeit not necessarily with the right child!).

We don’t recommend this option if you know that your child shares their surname with other students in their class. If you choose to request a surname only, you might want to include an extra detail to make the most of your labels; for example, we have a number of customers who like to request “Family Surname” or “Surname” on the top line and a contact phone number on the bottom line.

If you want to be able to personalise ALL of the name labels in your pack, you can always request a set of blank labels or leave blank spaces that you can fill in later – please note, you will need to make sure you have a laundry pen to ensure that whatever you write onto your labels will stay in place even after you’ve put your labelled items through the washing machine.

To request blank labels, simply use the space bar to enter a blank space in the “Line 1” and “Line 2” fields. You can also use the space bar to request that one of the lines remain blank (for example, enter a surname on the bottom line and leave the top line blank so you can write in a first name for each label).

If you’re trying to request blank spaces at the start or end of a line, please make a note of this in the “Additional Information” box as you checkout; if you enter text with spaces at the start or end of a line, our system may automatically interpret these spaces as “non-characters” and won’t add the blank spaces that you need.

There are two ways to produce individual labels for two people:

  • Enter one full name on the top line and one full name on the bottom line and cut the labels in half.
    You can also enter both first names on the top line and enter the surname twice on the bottom line, but this can produce labels that are unevenly spaced.
  • Select the “Name On One Line” option and enter one first name followed by the surname followed by a second first name; you can then cut off one of the first names to create individual name labels.
    If your surname and/or first names are particularly long, consider using initials to prevent your font becoming too small.

REQUEST LABELS FOR “Name 1 & Name 2”:
Simply enter the surname on the bottom line and then the first names on the top line; common requests include “Name 1 and Name 2”, “Name 1 or Name 2”, and “Name 1 & Name 2”.

This one only works if your children have names that begin with the same letter; entering an initial and a surname means the labels are more personal than if you just add a surname AND this option can help to avoid confusion if your children share their surname with others in their class.

For more tips, take a look through our blog posts or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To place an order; click on “Buy Stikins ® name labels” to start with a pack of Stikins ® or click on “Buy Trons ® name transfers” to start with a pack of Trons ®.

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