A Guide To Adding A Fundraising Link To Your School Website

Schools: A Guide To Adding A Fundraising Link To Your School Website

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A Guide To Adding A Fundraising Link To Your School Website

There are lots of benefits to adding a link to our website on your school or PTA website. Here’s our guide to why and how to add a link to Stikins ® name labels.

Why Add A School Fundraising Link To Your Website

There are many reasons to add a school fundraising link to your website, including:

  • It makes it easier for parents to order; they simply follow the link direct from your website to ours. This is particularly effective when you add your link to your school uniform page.

  • Your link can autofill your school fundraising number. This means that, even if parents forget to add your code (or what code to use), every order placed via the link will still count towards your commission earnings.

  • A link provides a great opportunity to remind parents about the importance of labelling school uniform and kit. It can also provide space to let parents know about the fundraising projects they’ll be supporting.

How To Add A School Fundraising Link To Your Website

There are two types of school fundraising link – Banner and Text.


A banner link includes an image that parents click on to reach our website. Our website features a HTML Code Generator, which will generate the HTML code needed to add a school fundraising banner onto your website.

Simply choose the banner size you prefer (four options are available) and click “Generate Code”. This code can then be added to your school website.

Our code generator only works with website management systems that allow you to update the HTML code of your website. If you are using a content management system that only allows you to add plain text or images, please see the instructions for adding a text link.


A text link is simply a piece of text that contains the URL of a website. It has two key parts; the URL the link points to and the text that appears on your site (known as a link title, link text, or anchor text).

You can set your link title to anything you want. This could be:

Some content management systems have a specific tool for adding links. Once you click on the link icon or option, you will usually see two fields – one for the URL and one for the link title. Once you have filled in both fields, your system will generate the text link for you.

Some systems also allow you to upload an image and add a link to this image. This allows you to create a Banner Link, if you can’t use the code generator from our website.

Register Your Link

If you let us know when you've added a link, we can take a look and make sure it all works properly.

The simplest way to let us know you’ve added a link is to fill in our Commission Claim Form (on our Add A Website Link page). You can also let us know by email. Simply let us know your school name, school fundraising number, and your contact email address. We also ask you to let us know the URL of the page where you have added your link. This makes it easy for us to find and test your link to make sure that it’s working properly!

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