Schools - It's Time To Double Your School Fundraising Commission

Schools: Schools - It's Time To Double Your School Fundraising Commission

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Schools - It's Time To Double Your School Fundraising Commission

Our school fundraising year is coming to a close! At the end of September, we’ll end our current year of fundraising before the new year starts on 1st October. This means that now is the time to double your commission earnings by adding a simple link to your school or PTA website (if you haven’t already). Read on to find out why and how you should add a link today.

The Whys – Why You Should Add A Stikins Fundraising Link To Your Website

There are plenty of reasons to add a fundraising link, including…

  • It Makes Easier For Parents To Order > More Parents Order > You Get More Commission
    A link provides parents with a simple way to order name labels. They simply click on the link and arrive at the correct website, ready to place an order – no searching required. This makes parents more likely to order so you get more commission.

  • It Can Automatically Add Your Fundraising Number > You Get More Commission
    Your link can automatically add your fundraising number when parents order. This means that even if parents forget your school fundraising number (or even that you have a fundraising number), their order still counts towards your commission earnings.

  • It Promotes The School Fundraising Scheme All Year Round > More Parents Order > You Get More Commission
    A link promotes our scheme every time parents visit your website. It gives them all the information they need to order Stikins all year round – even when the school is closed.

  • It Promotes The Use Of Name Labels > More Parents Order > You Get More Commission & Less Lost Property
    A link helps to emphasise the importance of labelling school uniform and kit – especially on school uniform pages. This encourages parents to order AND use name labels, which increases your commission AND decreases lost property in school.

  • It Doubles Your Commission > You Get More Commission!
    All of our school partners get 15% commission. When you add a link, we double your commission. Best of all, we backdate the higher rate, so you get 30% commission on ALL orders placed during this commission year.

The How – How To Add A Stikins Fundraising Link To Your Website

It only takes a moment to add a website link. You can find out more on our “Add A Website Link” page (or pass on the link to your website administrator). You can choose to add a banner link or a simple text link:

  • To add a banner link, visit our “Add A Website Link” page where you’ll find a code generator. Enter your fundraising number and select a banner size that suits your website layout (four are available). The generator will then create the HTML code you need to add to your website to create your banner.
  • Alternatively, you can add a simple text link to direct parents to our website.

The most important part about adding a link is LETTING US KNOW when you’ve done it!

This is the only way to get your 30% commission. If we don’t know about your link, we can’t update your commission rate! Register your link by phone or email or use our handy online Commission Claim form.

Once you let us know about your link, we’ll check to make sure it works properly and get your commission rate updated.

Remember, you can track your commission earnings using our online Fundraising Portal. Our website also includes tips and advice for getting the most out of the Stikins school fundraising scheme – like our commission booster plan. You’ll also find free resources available to download along with our Requests Form, which you can use to request even more free fundraising materials – like our parent leaflets and posters.

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