Make The Most Of Your Name Labels With Our Top Tips

Product Information: Make The Most Of Your Name Labels With Our Top Tips

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Make The Most Of Your Name Labels With Our Top Tips

If you’re ordering Stikins ® name labels this summer, make the most of your name labels with our top tips.

Our Six Top Tips

We designed Stikins ® name labels with busy families in mind. They provide a modern name labelling solution that simply sticks on and stays on. Our online order form makes ordering labels a doddle, with parents completing orders in just a minute.

While Stikins ® name labels are designed to “just work”, there are a few ways to make your name labels work even better. Check out these top tips and create a set of name labels that’s just right for you and your family.

Keep Things Short & Sweet

Stikins ® labels are small name labels; at 30mm x 15mm, they’re a neat and discrete addition to items of all shapes and sizes. This also means you have limited space for personalisation. Our system counts your characters and selects the largest font size that will allow your text to fit on your labels. More characters mean a smaller font size so we recommend keeping things short and sweet.

Most customers add a name only but you can add contact information (like a phone number) or a short message (like “I Belong To”). We recommend no more than two pieces of information; adding one piece on line one (e.g. a name) and one piece on line two (e.g. a phone number). We advise using a phone number, rather than an email or address, which tend to use up more characters.

Keep One Line For One Dozen Characters

We offer one or two lines of text. Generally speaking, we recommend using one line only if you need twelve characters or fewer (e.g. Charlie Fox). If you need more than twelve characters, you will get a larger font size using the two line layout.

Use Our Print Preview To See What Works

Our online order form includes a handy print preview, which gives you a rough guide to what your labels will look like. If you’re not sure about what to include on your labels, use the print preview to try a few alternatives to see what works best.

Save Money By Creating Packs To Share

We cannot split packs between different names but you can create packs for sharing if you:

  • Enter your family surname only:
    “Surname” / “Surname Family” / “Surname Girls” / “Surname Boys” / “Surname Twins” etc.
  • If the first names start with the same letter, enter the initial and surname:
    “A Surname”
  • Leave the top line blank and enter your surname on the bottom line. Write in the name you need with a suitable laundry pen.
    To leave a line blank, use the space bar to enter TWO spaces.
  • Enter two names and cut the labels in half:
    Line 1: “Name/Initial 1 Surname Name/Initial 2” or Line 1: "Name 1" and Line 2: "Name 2".
  • Enter all of the first names on the top line and the surname on the bottom line.
    Line 1: “Name 1 & Name 2” and Line 2: “Surname”.

Think About Where Your Labels Will Go & Who Will Use Them

If your name labels will be used in closed environments (like home and school) then a simple name will be enough to allow items to be returned.

If you are labelling items that might go further afield, adding a contact number is a great way to make sure that items can be returned, no matter where they go. We recommend adding one phone number as adding two numbers (or an email or home address) will take up more characters.

If you are ordering name labels for a friend or relative living in care, you could add their room number to make it simpler for staff to return their belongings. Nursing and care homes are built around shared facilities and spaces, which makes it easier for personal belongings to get mixed up, go missing, or get otherwise separated from their owner. Adding a room number makes it immediately clear where an item should be returned.

You can also add medical or allergy information to your name labels, which can then be used to label food and medical supplies to keep them safe. Your labels can also act as additional medical alerts in the event of an emergency.

Follow The Instructions For Use!

Finally, to make sure that your labels really do just stick on and stay on, there’s no better tip we can give than to follow the instructions for use. We’ve spent YEARS working on our instructions to make sure they will help our customers get the best results from their name labels every time. We’ve taken our own advice to keep them short and simple – and they contain all of our best advice to ensure that your labels will just work.

How To Order Stikins ® Name Labels

You can order online or by phone. Simply let us know the pack(s) and personalisation you require. We offer four pack sizes of 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels. Give us your delivery address and then pay – by card (phone and online), PayPal (online only), or Apple Pay (online only). It’s that simple!

We despatch orders placed by 3pm, Monday to Friday, same day. Order after 3pm or over the weekend and we’ll despatch them on the next working day. Our standard delivery service is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service.

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