Congratulations To Our Stikins School Fundraising Partners - It's Your Best Year Yet!

Schools: Congratulations To Our Stikins School Fundraising Partners - It's Your Best Year Yet!

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Congratulations To Our Stikins School Fundraising Partners - It's Your Best Year Yet!

Yes, we’ve finished crunching the numbers and this has been our best commission year yet! Congratulations to all of our school fundraising partners who earned commission in our 2018-2019 fundraising season.

What Does Your Commission Total Mean?

Schools and PTAs (and other children’s groups) can earn commission on sales of Stikins name labels.

Our basic rate of commission for all of our school fundraising partners is 15%. We double this to 30% for partners who add a link to the Stikins website onto their school, PTA, or group website.

If you have been awarded commission, this means that we received orders between 1st October 2018 - 30th September 2019 where your unique fundraising number was quoted. This includes orders placed online, by phone, or by post.

FAQs – School Fundraising Partners

  • When will my cheque arrive?
    Cheques were posted between 4-6th November by Royal Mail’s first class service. If you have not received your cheque, let us know.
  • What if I haven't received a cheque?
    Your cheque may be lost in the post (see above). Alternatively, we may not have received any orders quoting your fundraising number. Get in touch to see if you should have received a cheque.
  • What if the cheque payee is wrong?
    Let us know so we can re-issue your cheque and update your details.
  • Why is our commission rate 15% when we have a website link?
    To qualify for 30% commission, your link must have been in place by 30th September 2019 AND you must have notified us. If you have a link, let us know so we can update your commission rate.
  • Why have we not got more commission when parents have been ordering all year?
    We can only award commission when parents quote your fundraising number. There are plenty of ways to make sure parents know this number, such as letters, emails, texts, school / PTA website, and parent leaflets. Our parent leaflets are free to request and come with stickers pre-printed with your fundraising number.
  • How do I get more commission next year?
    Request free fundraising materials and check out our fundraising advice - including our Commission Booster Plan.
    We combined our experience with feedback from existing fundraising partners to create a short list of six small things that make a big difference to your fundraising. Of course, if you’re on our basic rate, you can instantly double your commission by adding a website link – find out how on our “Add A Website Link” page.

FAQs – Non-School Fundraising Partners

  • How does the Stikins school fundraising scheme work?
    We allocate our fundraising partners with a unique fundraising number. Every order we receive where that number is quoted will earn 15% commission. We double this to 30% if you add a link to your school / PTA website. Parents order from us directly and we track your commission earnings, which are paid out once a year by cheque. Our commission year runs from 1st October to 30th September.
    All you have to do is sign up and let people know how to order Stikins and the fundraising number they need to quote.
  • Are there any costs involved?
    No! The Stikins fundraising scheme is completely free to participate in. Simply sign up and request as many of our free fundraising materials as you need. There is no joining fee, no ongoing participation fees, our fundraising materials are free, and your commission is automatically paid out once a year.
  • How do I join?
    You can use our handy online sign up form (where you can also request fundraising materials at the same time) or you can contact our Customer Service Team directly.

School Fundraising With Stikins

Whether you’re an existing partner or are interested in signing up, you can find all the information and resources you need in the School Fundraising section of our website. This section includes information about how the scheme works, free resources and advice, your fundraising account (to track your commission throughout the year), and our requests and sign up form – which you can use both to sign up and to request free fundraising materials.

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