Celebrating Muppetational Names From Sesame Street!

Just for Fun: Celebrating Muppetational Names From Sesame Street!

Friday 10th November 2023   /   Just for Fun   /   0 Comment(s)

Celebrating Muppetational Names From Sesame Street!

Sesame Street began 54 years ago on 10th November 1969! So, we’re celebrating the names of some of Sesame Street’s most famous residents. Plus, we present our very own ABCs of Stikins ® name labels.

Get To Sesame Street With These Inspirational Muppetational Names

We’re celebrating names requested by our customers that also happen to belong to some of Sesame Street’s residents. Check out our list below. Do you share your name with a Sesame Street resident?

A colourful image showing the names of 40 Sesame Street characters. Each name is listed in a white font against a coloured background. The backgrounds alternate between pink, purple, light green, mint green, orange, dark blue, yellow, light blue, and rose pink. The names are: Abby, Alice, Benny, Bert, Bruno, Buster, Clementine, Dexter, Don, Elizabeth, Ernie, Farley, Fatima, Fred, Gabrielle, Gladys, Gulliver, Guy, Harvey, Herbert, Humphrey, Ingrid, Jamie, Julia, Leo, Louise, Mae, Merry, Murray, Natasha, Oscar, Rosie, Rosita, Roxie, Ruby, Rudy, Simon, Sonny, Sully, and Zoe.

Introducing the ABCs of Stikins ® Name Labels

We’ve pulled together some of the best things about Stikins ® name labels to create our very own ABCs:

  • A is for ANYWHERE in the UK (that’s where we deliver)
  • B is for BOLD BLACK font to make your personalisation clear
  • C is for CARE HOMES where our name labels help out
  • D is for DESPATCH on the same or next working day
  • E is for EASY to use
  • F is for school FUNDRAISING
  • G is for GOOD, GREAT, and a GODSEND (things people say about our labels)
  • H is for HOME and HOLIDAYS (other places our labels keep stuff safe)
  • I is for INDEPENDENTLY tested with the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure
  • J is for JUST stick on and stay on (that’s what our labels do!)
  • K is for KIDS and adults (who can label their stuff with our labels)
  • L is for preventing LOST PROPERTY
  • M is for MULTIPURPOSE name labels that label almost everything
  • N is for NO IRONING and NO SEWING required
  • O is for ORDERING online or by phone
  • P is for PRINT that stays put wash after wash
  • Q is for QUICK to buy, arrive, and apply!
  • R is for REVIEWS (we’ve got over 11,000)
  • S is for STICK ON name labels that take seconds to apply
  • T is for THREE packs or more (get a 10% discount)
  • U is for UNIQUE adhesive
  • V is for VERY sticky (which describes our unique adhesive)
  • W is for WASH CARE label, where Stikins ® should be applied
  • X is for XX (kisses that you can include on your name labels!)
  • Y is for YEARS (how long your labels can stay stuck!)
  • Z is for ZERO (the amount we charge for standard delivery)

Now you’ve learnt the ABCs of Stikins ® labels, why not order your own labels today!

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