Your School Fundraising Cheques Are On Their Way!

Schools: Your School Fundraising Cheques Are On Their Way!

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Your School Fundraising Cheques Are On Their Way!

We’ve posted out this year’s commission cheques to our school fundraisers. Thank you for taking part in our scheme and congratulations on your efforts. We hope that your commission helps to make a contribution to your fundraising projects.

If you have any questions or queries about your fundraising cheque (or lack of one), check out our FAQs below.

Fundraising FAQs About Our Fundraising Cheques

  • When will we receive our cheque?
    We posted all of our commission cheques on Monday (30th October) by Royal Mail’s first class service. They should arrive within seven working days.
  • Where are you sending our cheque?
    We post cheques directly to the school marked for the attention of our main contact.
  • Why haven’t we received a cheque?
    You may not have met our minimum payout level (an email was sent to fundraisers with less than £10 commission this morning). Alternatively, your cheque may still be working its way through Royal Mail's system. If a cheque has not arrived by Wednesday 8th November, please get in touch.
  • What if the cheque has the wrong payee?
    Let us know so we can update your details and re-issue the cheque.
  • How do we update our details?
    You can phone, email, or check “Update Contact Details” on our requests form.
  • How is do you calculate commission?
    This year, all of our school fundraisers received 30% commission. We allocated commission on every order where your school fundraising number was quoted.
  • Why is our commission so low?
    There are two main reasons why schools receive little commission. Some haven’t promoted the scheme sufficiently. Others have promoted the scheme but haven’t passed on the (correct) fundraising number (or haven’t told parents to quote it).
  • How can we get more commission next year?
    We provide free marketing materials including school posters and parent leaflets (with fundraising number stickers). We also offer a digital e-flyer for use online or in emails. You can add Stikins ® name labels (and your fundraising number) to your school or PTA website. If you add a link to our website, it will automatically fill in your fundraising number! You can also mention us in communications to parents – by letter, text, email, or social media. Keep an eye out for our free samples offer, which runs through the spring/summer term.
  • Can you pay our commission into our bank account?
    Unfortunately, we aren’t set up to make individual payments to our school fundraisers.

If you have other questions, please get in touch. Alternatively, check out our School Fundraising section for more information, to request marketing materials, or to use our Fundraising Login to keep an eye on this year’s commission earnings!

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