Congratulations - Your School Fundraising Cheques Are On Their Way!

Schools: Congratulations - Your School Fundraising Cheques Are On Their Way!

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Congratulations - Your School Fundraising Cheques Are On Their Way!

It’s that time of year where we reward our school fundraising partners with their well-earned commission. Despite all of the challenges this year has brought, we've had a brilliant commission year and so we want to say a big thank you and congratulations to every school, PTA, and organisation that took part.

We’ve put together a few answers to common FAQs that we receive around this time of year; read on if you have any questions about your commission cheque or the Stikins fundraising scheme!

FAQs – For Members Of The Stikins School Fundraising Scheme

When will our cheque be delivered?

We started posting cheques last week via Royal Mail’s first class service. Most cheques have been printed and posted but there are some remaining, which will be posted out next week. We expect that most cheques will arrive within one or two days. However, first class post is not a guaranteed service, some may take up to five working days to arrive.

Where will our cheque be delivered?

All cheques are posted directly to the school, nursery, or organisation’s primary address. We do not send commission cheques to home addresses. You can check the address we have used by logging into the fundraising account portal on our website.

What if we don’t receive a cheque?

If you don't receive your cheque in the next week or two, please get in touch so that we can investigate further. Your cheque may have been lost in the post or you may not have received any commission this year.

What if we’ve received a cheque but it has the wrong payee?

Get in touch so we can update your details and re-issue the cheque with the correct payee.

What are our commission earnings based on?

Your commission total is based on the number of orders where your fundraising number was quoted and your commission rate. All of our fundraising partners earn a basic rate of 15%. We double this rate to 30% if you add a link to Stikins to your website.

Why have we only received 15% commission when we have a link on our website?

We can only upgrade partners to the 30% commission rate if we know about their link. To qualify for the 30% commission rate for this commission year, you must have added your website link AND notified us that you had done so by 30th September. If you have a link but have only been awarded 15% commission, please get in touch to let us know so that we can get your commission rate updated for the new commission year.

Why is our commission total so low when parents have been ordering Stikins all year?

It is possible that some parents forgot to quote your fundraising number or quoted the wrong number. Unfortunately, we can only award commission when your fundraising number is quoted. However, there are plenty of ways to make sure parents know the right number they need to quote. This includes letters, emails, texts, notices on your website, posters, and parent leaflets. We supply posters and parent leaflets for free; leaflets come with stickers pre-printed with your fundraising number so parents know which number to quote.

How do we make sure we get more commission next year?

You can request free fundraising materials from our website. Our website also includes plenty of fundraising advice - like our Commission Booster Plan. This plan outlines six small things that make a big difference to your commission earnings. If you’ve received our basic rate of commission, you can instantly double your fundraising earnings by adding a website link. Visit our Add A Website Link page to find out how.

FAQs – For Non-Members Of The Stikins School fundraising Scheme

What is the Stikins school fundraising scheme?

Our fundraising scheme allows schools, PTAs, nurseries, and other children’s groups or organisations to raise money by earning commission on sales of Stikins name labels. We offer a basic rate of 15% commission to all of our school partners. This rate can be doubled to 30% by adding a link to the Stikins website on your website.

How does the scheme work?

We allocate each partner with a unique fundraising number. Every order we receive where that number is quoted will generate commission. Parents order from us directly and we keep track of your commission earnings. Our commission year runs from 1st October to 30th September. Commission is paid automatically by cheque once a year (usually at the start of November).

Are there any costs involved?

No. There is no sign up fee and no ongoing costs involved in participating in the scheme. We supply free fundraising materials for our partners to use, including parent leaflets and posters. The materials can be requested all year round by filling in our online request form or contacting our Customer Service Team. We’ve also put together a range of tips and advice to help you get the most out of the scheme – with minimal amount of time and resources required on your part.

How do I find out more / sign up?

Head on over to the Fundraising Section of our website. This section includes information about fundraising with Stikins, free fundraising tools and advice, your fundraising account (so you can track your commission earnings throughout the year), and our requests and sign up form (where you can sign up and / or request more free fundraising materials when you need them).  

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