Our Top Tips For Personalising Name Labels

Product Information: Our Top Tips For Personalising Name Labels

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Our Top Tips For Personalising Name Labels

It is completely up to you to decide what you would like printed on your name labels. However, we’ve put together a few top tips to help you get the most out of your name labels.

TOP TIP 1: One Line Or Two Lines

You can choose one line or two lines of text. We recommend sticking with two lines unless the TOTAL number of characters you want to request is fewer than 12.

TOP TIP 2: The Name Game

Most people keep things simple by requesting a first name and a surname, however, we also see requests that include middle names, nicknames, and initials. It’s best to consider WHO will be reading the labels; for example, if your child doesn’t understand the concept of initials or middle names yet, it’s probably best to avoid these. Likewise, if your child is known in school by a nickname, you may want to include this to make it clearer that an item belongs to them. 

Remember too that including nicknames and middle names will take up more room. While you CAN request up to 22 characters per line, this drastically reduces the font size used to print your name labels. We recommend sticking to a maximum of 15-20 characters to get the best possible size. If you’re requesting a particularly long name (especially double-barrelled names and/or surnames), you might want to consider using initials to keep things short and sweet.

TOP TIP 3: Little Extras That Can Make A Big Difference

Make the most of the two line layout by adding a name to the top line and an extra piece of information to the bottom line. This could be contact information (e.g. a mobile number), a class name / year group, a friendly message (e.g. “I Belong To”), allergy or medical information (e.g. nut allergy), or a room number (ideal for nursing homes / residential care facilities).

You can also leave one line blank if you want to add in additional information at a later date – using a suitable laundry pen to ensure that your written text stays put through the washing machine. Use the space bar on your keyboard to enter TWO blank spaces; this will indicate that you want to leave a line blank.

TOP TIP 4: Sharing Is Caring (& Budget Friendly)

If you need to order labels for two or more people, you can order individual packs OR, if you're feeling a bit budget-conscience, you can get creative with your personalisation to create one set that can be shared. For example, you could:

  • Enter a surname only (or “Surname Family” / “Family Surname” / “Surname Girls” / “Surname Boys” / “Surname Twins”) and share.
  • Use an initial and a surname if you are ordering names that share the same first letter.
  • Leave the top line blank and enter a surname on the bottom line so you can write in the name you need (see tip 3).
  • Cut your labels in half to create individual name labels; for example, you could enter one name on the top line and one name on the bottom line and cut your labels in half.
  • Simply add all of the names onto your labels and share them out. For example, enter “Name 1 & Name 2” on the top line and “Surname” on the bottom line.

Head on over to our order form page to start placing an order now; to find more top tips, take a look through our FAQs and Product Information pages.

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