Name Tags Help Keep Your Kids And Their Stuff Safe All Summer

Product Information: Name Tags Help Keep Your Kids And Their Stuff Safe All Summer

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Name Tags Help Keep Your Kids And Their Stuff Safe All Summer

With the summer holidays in full swing, it’s more than likely that you’ve got plenty of plans for fun-filled family days out. And that means carting a whole bunch of stuff (as well as your kids) from place to place. It’s easy to lose things on a big day out, so why not label all your gear with name tags and prevent lost property putting a dampener on your holiday plans.

Stikins ® Name Tags – Keep Hold Of Your Kids’ Stuff All Summer Long

Whether you’re off on holiday or simply heading out for a day trip, you’ll probably find that your kids want (NEED) to bring a lot of stuff with them. From a change of clothes to water bottles and picnic stuff, by way of toys and the good old bucket and spade, keeping a track of all that stuff can be a tricky business. Name tags are a simple (and quick) way to label up their stuff safely and securely.

Our unique adhesive means you can label clothing, shoes, and bags, as well as pretty much everything and anything else you want to keep safe. Stikins ® tags should be applied onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items (including towels); in shoes they should be applied on the side wall or beneath the tongue (to avoid wearing the print down); and on anything else, you simply stick your name tags down and off you go!

You can have name tags printed with just about anything you like – although we recommend keeping it short and sweet. Most customers request a name only. Some enter a name on line one and use line two to add a piece of information or message. Popular examples include a phone number, a (short!) email address, or messages like “I Belong To” or “Please Return To”.

We recommend taking care when using sun creams. Some sun cream products (and particularly spray on products) contain large amounts of alcohol-based ingredients. This can damage the print on name tags over time. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and leave plenty of time for your sun cream to dry fully before putting on labelled clothing or handling labelled items.

Stikins ® Name Tags – Tag Your Kids & Their Stuff

Name tags can also be a handy way to keep your kids safe – especially in busy public places. Consider adding a contact number to create name tags that can help out in emergency situations. For example, if your child gets lost, they will always have your number with them. They – or an adult – can then always contact you in an emergency. Likewise, you can add medical conditions or allergies to your name tags to create additional alerts that can be consulted in the event of an emergency. This can be especially useful if your children are out with friends or a group where they may not have a chaperone who is aware of their medical history.

Adding a contact number is also useful when labelling items that you’re taking out and about. Most of our name tags are used as school uniform labels and school labels. In the school environment, a name is usually enough for items to be returned to their owners. If you’re out and about, contact information helps to make sure any lost items can be returned to you directly.

Swift & Speedy Despatch Of Stikins ® Name Tags All Summer Long

You can order a set of name tags anytime this summer using our online order form. We print name tags every day, Monday to Friday (up to 3pm), so your order will soon be on its way to you. Standard delivery uses Royal Mail’s first class service.

Alternatively, you can give our Customer Service Team a call on 01270 668076 to place an order over the phone. Our office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

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