Reasons To Use Stick On Name Labels?

Product Information: Reasons To Use Stick On Name Labels?

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Reasons To Use Stick On Name Labels?

Sometimes, our customers start out being unsure about using stick on name labels. Some aren’t sure about moving away from traditional sew-in labels. Others aren’t quite convinced that stick on labels will work. All of these customers have one thing in common. Once they discover how easy stick on name labels are, they never want to use anything else! Here’s our guide to different name labelling products – and why stick on labels are the perfect choice!

Traditional Name Labelling – Sew In Name Tapes

The main problem encountered by any name label product is the wash-dry cycle. Finding labels that will survive repeat washes is tricky, especially as washing machines and cleaning products become more advanced.

Traditionally, labelling clothing has relied on using the same method used to make that clothing. Sew in name tapes are attached using needle and thread. This practically guarantees that your name labels will stay put – as long as your sewing skills are up to scratch.

Sew in name tapes are a brilliant name labelling solution. However, sewing on these labels can be a daunting prospect in the face of a large pile of school uniform. These labels are time-consuming to attach and can be a bit of a nightmare if you're not a great sewer.

They also have the drawback of only being suitable for labelling clothing and fabric items. This makes them useless for things like lunch boxes, water bottles, books, stationery, and other kit.

A (Slightly) Quicker Alternative – Iron On Name Tags

Iron-on name tags were developed as a (supposedly) quicker solution. These products use the heat of an iron to fuse a name tag onto an item.

When applied correctly, iron on name tags can create extremely strong bonds. However, creating these bonds takes a lot of care. Iron on name tags take time to apply properly and their effectiveness relies on the user’s proficiency with an iron.

Iron on name tags are quite bulky because they are made up of a number of layers. This often means that the edges of the tags “catch” on other surfaces and start to pull away.

Like sew in name tapes, iron on tags are also only suitable for clothing and fabric items. While they're a pretty good alternative for non-sewers, they can be tricky to apply and aren't as efficient as other options.

The Non-Name Label Labelling Option

Some parents forgo name labels altogether, choosing instead to rely on a good old pen. Some use laundry pens made with inks designed specifically for surviving through washing machines. Others rely on the use of a good old fashioned permanent marker.

This is cost effective (you only need to buy a pen) and time-effective (taking as long as it takes to write each name). However, it is also heavily dependent on having a suitable pen and suitable penmanship.

A More Modern Solution

In recent years, developments in manufacturing methods and materials have allowed for the development of new adhesives. This includes adhesives strong enough to survive multiple trips through washing machines.

Stick on name labels have many advantages over previous options. They are much easier and quicker to apply. They are suitable for labelling all kinds of items (not just fabric items).

However, not all stick on name labels are equal. Some stick on products are only suitable for specific types of items. This would mean you would need to buy separate packs of clothing labels, stick on shoe labels, and so on.

This is where Stikins ® name labels come in. We use a unique adhesive designed to allow our labels to simply stick on and stay on – to all kinds of school kit.

You must apply your labels onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items. Stick them onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of shoes. For other items, simply apply your name labels directly onto each item. You can then safely put your labelled items through washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, and microwaves.

This means you can label all your kids’ kit in seconds. This includes school uniform, P.E. kit, shoes, bags, coats, hats, books, stationery, and everything in between.

Order Your Stikins ® Name Labels Now

Head on over to our online order form or give us a call to give our stick on name labels a try. We supply packs of 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels. We despatch orders on the same working day (Mon-Fri, up to 3pm) or next working day. We use Royal Mail’s first class service for our standard delivery service, which is free.

Our website also features over 9,000 reviews from parents who have already made the switch to stick on name labels. So you don’t just have to take our word for it that Stikins ® name labels are the best way to go when it comes to labelling your kids’ school kit!

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