We’re Celebrating The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning With Top Tips To Keep Your Lunchables Safe!

Product Information: We’re Celebrating The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning With Top Tips To Keep Your Lunchables Safe!

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We’re Celebrating The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning With Top Tips To Keep Your Lunchables Safe!

This morning was Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning! We hope you’ve all had a wonderful morning enjoying plenty of cake and coffee (and fundraising!). We’re celebrating with our top tips for using stick on name labels to keep all your lunchables safe and sound – at school, at work, and even at home!

Stick On Labels For Lunch Boxes, Water Bottles, & Containers

Stikins are stick on name labels that can be used to label all kinds of items – including meal time kit like lunch boxes and water bottles.

Made with a unique adhesive, Stikins simply stick on and stay – leaving no room for error when it comes to claiming your own lunch! You can safely label any items used to store drinks and foodstuffs, and the adhesive will hold firm when labelled items are put through microwaves, dishwashers, or the plain old kitchen sink.

Simply peel each label off the backing sheet and apply it firmly onto an item, making sure that the item is clean and dry before the application.

Each label is bright white in colour and personalised with a bold, black font; this is the clearest possible colour combination and makes it really easy for kids (and grown ups) of all ages to check whose name is on the label - and your lunch!

Stikins measure 30mm wide by 15mm high, which makes them a neat and discrete addition to any item. The material is super flexible so they’re ideal for labelling all kinds of surface types – from flat lunch boxes to curved drinks bottles.

Keep Your Family Safe With Medical / Allergy Alerts On Sticky Name Labels

While Stikins can simply be used on school lunch boxes and water bottles to make sure that your children manage to keep hold of their own lunch during the school day, they can also serve as additional medical / allergy alerts – especially for medical conditions related to foodstuffs.

While most customers personalise their name labels with a name only, there is plenty of room to add a note about medical conditions or allergies, such as diabetes, coeliac disease, or a food allergy. Commonly, customers enter a name on the top line and then use the bottom line for medical / allergy information.

Please note: if you would like to add more detailed information, we are able to print text over three lines – rather than the default two lines available when you order online. To request three lines, simply give us a call and place your order over the phone.

Your name labels can then be used to ensure that food and drink supplies are kept safe and stored correctly – even in busy school or work environments. They can also be used to label supplies required for medical conditions.

How To Order Stick On Name Labels To Keep All Of Your Food & Drink Safe

You can order Stikins online, by phone, or by post. If you would like to add additional information (such as medical / allergy alerts) we recommend using one line for the name and one line for the additional information. If you need to request three lines, we request that you place your order over the phone as your order will need to be printed manually.

We print and post name labels every day – Monday to Friday, up to 3pm – so your order will be sent on the same or next working day. If you need to receive your name labels quickly, you can upgrade to our special delivery option, which guarantees delivery by 1pm on the next working day (please note, we need to receive your order by 3pm to get it despatched same day).

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