Label All Your Autumn Accessories With Awesome Stick On Name Labels

Product Information: Label All Your Autumn Accessories With Awesome Stick On Name Labels

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Label All Your Autumn Accessories With Awesome Stick On Name Labels

It’s that time of year when you’ll be reaching for all your autumn accessories; keeping track of all these assorted extras can be tricky – especially when they need to be put down / taken off and picked up again time after time after time (after time). Keep track of all your family’s autumn accessories and winter warmers this year with stick on name labels that let you get everything labelled in minutes.

Stick On Name Labels For Clothes, Fabric Items, & Accessories

While other name labels can only label specific items, one pack of Stikins ® name labels can label pretty much everything and anything. Our sticky name labels are made with a unique adhesive and a super flexible vinyl, which allows them to stick on and stay on to all kinds of materials and surface types.

All you need to do to apply a label is to peel it carefully away from the backing sheet and stick it firmly onto the item you want to label. Clothing and fabric items should be labelled on the wash-care label (not directly on the fabric itself), while it’s best to label footwear by applying your labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of each shoe (avoid sticking labels beneath the heel where the print will wear away).

You can get ALL of your autumn accessories and winter warmers labelled in minutes – including hats, scarves, gloves, coats, wellington boots, earmuffs, and umbrellas.

Personalised with a bold, black font, our white labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high, which means they are both a neat and discrete addition to items of all shapes and sizes AND they are really easy to read – perfect if you’re in a hurry!

Order Your Autumn/Winter Stash Today

We print and post name labels every day (Mon-Fri) via Royal Mail's first class service as standard. All orders placed before 3pm despatch same day, while orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend despatch on the next working day.

Get your autumn accessories and your winter wardrobe labelled with name labels that just stick on and stay on!

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