Make Sure Your Family Never Gets The Wrong Trousers With Stikins ® Labels

Product Information: Make Sure Your Family Never Gets The Wrong Trousers With Stikins ® Labels

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Make Sure Your Family Never Gets The Wrong Trousers With Stikins ® Labels

Today is Wrong Trousers Day. This appeal day was created by the Grand Appeal charity and Aardman Animations to raise funds for Bristol Children’s Hospital. Here's how Stikins ® labels can help your family avoid the wrong trousers (unless it’s Wrong Trousers Day, of course!).

Cracking Clothing Labels To Make Sure Your Kids Never End Up Wearing The Wrong Trousers

Stikins ® name labels are clothes labels that simply stick on and stay on. You should apply them onto the wash-care label in clothing to keep clothes safely and securely labelled all year long.

Stikins ® labels are suitable for use on almost all children’s clothing. This includes school uniform, kit for activities, and their everyday wardrobe. 
The only item Stikins ® labels will struggle with is socks. Socks don’t have wash-care labels and have stretchy surfaces that adhesives struggle to bond with properly.

Our name labels are bright white in colour and personalised with a bold, black font. This makes them easy to read for kids of all ages. It also makes them perfect for busy classrooms, cloakrooms, and changing rooms. We use a very flexible and smooth synthetic material. This material flexes along with clothing and is extremely gentle against skin. Each name tag measures just 30mm wide by 15mm high – so they’re perfectly neat and discrete additions to clothing.

You can also use these multipurpose name labels to keep track of other belongings. This includes school kit like shoes, bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, stationery, sports equipment, and toys. Stikins ® name labels help to make sure that everything makes it home again after every grand day out!

Order Stikins ® Name Labels For Your Family's Trousers Today!

You can order name labels online or by phone. Use our online order form to order at any time or order by phone during office hours (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri). We print and post name labels every day (Mon-Fri) up to 3pm, which means we post all orders on the same or next working day.

So, why not try Stikins ® clothes labels; stick on name labels that simply stick on and stay on. They’re the perfect way to get everything labelled in minutes – saving you time for more important things, like enjoying Wrong Trousers Day, doing a spot of inventing, or even eating a lovely bit of Wensleydale!

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