Learn How The Days Were Named

Product Information: Learn How The Days Were Named

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Learn How The Days Were Named

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Between the 1st and 3rd centuries, the Roman Empire formally adopted a seven-day week. The days were named for one of the Seven Luminaries (or Classical Planets). At the time, a “planet” was an object in space, visible to the naked eye, which appeared to move across the sky over time. The “Seven Luminaries” were Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon – and each one was associated with a Roman God or Goddess.

Astrologers believed that these planets (and their respective deities) “ruled” over a particular day of the week and various hours of each day. Many ancient civilisations thought that the Earth was (near) the centre of the universe and that the planets orbited this central point. The movement of each object across the sky was used to work out their position in the universe – apparently slower moving objects were thought to be farther away from Earth, creating the “Chaldean order” of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon. It was therefore believed that the planets ruled over the hours of the first day of the week as follows:

1. Saturn 2. Jupiter 3. Mars
4. Sun 5. Venus 6. Mercury
7. Moon 8. Saturn 9. Jupiter
10. Mars 11. Sun 12. Venus
13. Mercury 14. Moon 15. Saturn
16. Jupiter 17. Mars 18. Sun
19. Venus 20. Mercury 21. Moon
22. Saturn 23. Jupiter 24. Mars

This pattern was continued for the following six days and each day was then named for the Roman God or Goddess represented by the planet that ruled over its first hour, as follows:  

diēs Saturnī         Saturday’s first hour is ruled by Saturn and is named for Saturnus
diēs Sōlis             Sunday’s first hour is ruled by the Sun and is named for Sol
diēs Lūnae          Monday’s first hour is ruled by the Moon and is named for Luna
diēs Martis          Tuesday’s first hour is ruled by Mars and is named for Mars
diēs Mercuriī       Wednesday’s first hour is ruled by Mercury and is named for Mercurius
diēs Iōvis             Thursday’s first hour is ruled by Jupiter and is named for Iuppiter (also known as Jove or Iovis)
diēs Veneris        Friday’s first hour is ruled by Venus and is named for Venus

Of course, these names won’t seem all that familiar (unless you’ve studied Latin-based languages, like Italian, French, Spanish etc). This is because English was influenced by Germanic languages (as well as Latin) in which the days were named for the Germanic equivalents of each Roman deity:

Sunnandæg        Day Of Sunna (Sól)
Mōnandæg         Day Of Mōna (Mēnô/Máni/Māno)
Tīwesdæg           Day Of Tiw (Tīwaz/Týr)
Wōdnesdæg       Day Of Wōden (Wōdanaz/Óðinn)
Þunresdæg         Day Of Þunraz (Þunor/Þórr/Thunor/Thor)
Frīgedæg            Day Of Frīge

(As Saturn didn’t have an equivalent, the Roman name was usually borrowed, becoming Sæternesdæg in Old English).

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