Marvel-lous Name Labels For Marvel-lous Mums (& Dads!)

Product Information: Marvel-lous Name Labels For Marvel-lous Mums (& Dads!)

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Marvel-lous Name Labels For Marvel-lous Mums (& Dads!)

Today is a seriously marvel-lous day. In addition to seeing the release of the latest Marvel film – Captain Marvel – today is also International Women’s Day AND the first day of British Science Week.

So, we thought we’d celebrate this bumper bunch of brilliant things by taking a closer look at the science behind our super name labels.

Super Powered Name Labels For Super Mums & Dads

Captain Marvel has plenty of superpowers, so we thought we’d look at all of the super ways that Stikins ® labels help mums and dads be superheroes (when it comes to getting their children’s stuff labelled up).

Super Strength

Stikins ® name labels are made with a unique adhesive, which creates super strong adhesive bonds with all kinds of materials. This means our labels will stick to all kinds of items, including clothes, shoes, and all kinds of personal belongings. It also means that Stikins ® labels will stay stuck even under the toughest of conditions – like in a washing machine or the school playground.

The Science Bit: our adhesive is unique to Stikins ® name labels and has been specially developed for the purpose of creating name labels that will simply stick on and stay on – forming super strong adhesive bonds with a variety of surface materials and types. The adhesive is super sticky at normal room temperatures and, once applied, will continue to strengthen before setting into a super strong adhesive bond.

Super Durability / Super Endurance / Super Stamina

In addition to being able to create super strong adhesive bonds, Stikins ® labels are able to sustain those bonds for long periods of time – even in environments that involve extreme conditions and a LOT of wear and tear. Our name labels will stay firmly stuck during the rough and tumble of every day life in a school environment AND through repeat trips through washing machines (and tumble dryers). In fact, we’ve received feedback from many families who find that their Stikins actually outlast the items they have been used to label. 

The Science Bit: our unique adhesive is designed to create strong adhesive bonds that LAST. Stikins ® labels have been extensively tested by families across the UK, as well as independently tested using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 60 washes at 40 degrees.

Super Speed

Labelling school uniform and kit isn’t the most fun way to spend your time, so we’ve made sure that Stikins ® labels make this particular task super-fast from start to finish. Customers can order online at any time (or by phone during office hours) – and we print and post labels every day from Monday to Friday.

This means that every order placed before 3pm during the working week is despatched same day. Those placed after 3pm or over the weekend are despatched next working day. We use Royal Mail’s first class service to ensure that orders arrive quickly.

Stikins ® labels are super-fast to apply. Simply peel each label off the backing sheet and stick it down firmly. Instead of spending hours sewing in name tapes or ironing on name tags, you can get all of your children’s school uniform and kit safely and securely labelled in minutes.

The Science Bit: in addition to creating super strong and super durable adhesive bonds, our unique adhesive also creates adhesive bonds super-fast. As soon as you apply your name labels, the adhesive gets to work – forming a strong adhesive bond on contact, which continues to set into its full strength.

Technically speaking, there isn’t a lot of science in getting our labels despatched super-fast. Labelling stuff is just one of those jobs that needs to get done, which is why we print our own products so we can get our name labels to our customers as soon as possible. This means busy super mums and super dads can get their labelling done and dusted and get on with the more important things in life.

To order name labels NOW, simply head on over to our super easy Order Page. Find out more about Super Stikins ® Labels & How They Stay Stuck on our information pages.

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