Get Ready For Some Fun In The Sun (Or Dodging The Rainclouds) With Name Labels From Label Planet

Product Information: Get Ready For Some Fun In The Sun (Or Dodging The Rainclouds) With Name Labels From Label Planet

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Get Ready For Some Fun In The Sun (Or Dodging The Rainclouds) With Name Labels From Label Planet

Families across the country will be planning some Big Days Out to make the most of the summer holidays and that means getting your kids AND their stuff out and about and back again – hopefully without losing anything on the way.

Our Name Labels Will Last All Summer and Beyond

Whether you’re heading out for an afternoon picnic, a Grand Day Out somewhere, or off on holiday, making sure that all of your children’s belongings stay with them the whole time can turn into a big worry. Adding a name label to those items is a quick and easy way to give yourself peace of mind, so that – if the worst should happen – those items are easy to return.

Our name labels are made with a white (or silver) background and bold black font so they’re really easy to find and read if an item gets lost. Our Stikins ® name labels can be stuck onto all kinds of items, including clothing, shoes and bags, and personal belongings, while our Trons ® name transfers are an iron-on product that creates a completely permanent name label on any fabric item. Both of our name label products have been tested against exposure to market leading sun creams and lotions to ensure that the print remains intact and completely legible even if your labels are exposed to these creams and lotions (or even if they simply end up being handled by sweaty hands or rubbing against sweaty feet).

We advise that you apply your Stikins ® onto the wash-care label of garments and fabric items to ensure that they remain firmly in place, while they should be applied under the tongue or on the side wall of shoes to protect the print against the friction generated underfoot as your child moves around.

You can add basic information (such as a name) to your belongings or you can opt to add a piece of contact information (such as a phone number) so that you can be contacted directly if those belongings are found.

Our name labels can survive repeat trips through the washing machine, tumble-drier, microwave, and dishwasher so they’re ideal for use on ANY items that you want to keep securely labelled EVEN after you’ve given them a thorough washing once they’ve made it back home (especially if your trip turns into “sunshine and showers” rather than “fun in the sun”).

More Information About our Name Labels

Visit our information pages to find out more about our name labels or visit our product pages to read independent reviews and to buy your very own set of name labels:
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