This Christmas Jumper Day, Make Things Better With A Sweater That’s Labelled!

Product Information: This Christmas Jumper Day, Make Things Better With A Sweater That’s Labelled!

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This Christmas Jumper Day, Make Things Better With A Sweater That’s Labelled!

It’s Christmas Jumper Day! Today everyone is encouraged to wear their best Christmas jumper to raise money for Save The Children. We’ve got name labels to keep your jumpers (Christmas or otherwise) safe and sound, all year round!

Using Stikins ® Name Labels As Jumper Labels (Or General Clothing Labels!)

Stikins ® labels are stick on name labels. This means that they use an adhesive to hold your labels in place. Many stick on name labels can only be used on non-clothing items. This includes items like bags and shoes, lunch boxes and water bottles, or books and stationery. We designed Stikins specifically for labelling clothing – like school uniform (although they’re pretty good at labelling everything else too!).

So, what makes Stikins ® name labels suitable for labelling clothing – like your favourite Christmas jumper?!

The answer lies in our materials and manufacturing methods. We use a super soft, super flexible synthetic material and a unique adhesive. The synthetic material sits well on all kinds of surfaces, whether rigid, curved, or flexible (like wash-care labels). The super strong adhesive holds your name labels in place, even after multiple trips through the washing machine.

Stikins ® labels have been independently tested using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 60 washes at 40 degrees. Thousands of families across the UK have also thoroughly tested our name labels, with some buying Stikins ® name labels year after year after year! You can check out over 11,000 positive reviews from our customers on our Reviews page.

How To Use Stikins ® Labels To Label Clothing

Stikins ® name labels are super easy and quick to apply.

  1. Make sure your item is completely clean and dry.
  2. Carefully peel one of your name labels from the backing sheet. Take care not to touch the adhesive too much!
  3. Apply the label onto your item. Use your thumb to smooth the label down firmly to make sure it bonds fully with your item.

When labelling clothing (or other fabric items), you should always apply your name labels onto the wash-care label.

We applied our name labels onto wash-care labels during independent testing. Only a few kinds of materials are used to make wash-care labels. This means we can guarantee that your labels will work when used on wash-care labels. Unfortunately, there are many different materials and fabric blends used to make clothing. Stikins ®  labels may work on some of these materials but, as we cannot test them all, we cannot offer the same guarantee as we do for wash-care labels.

To keep your Christmas clothing safe from this year to next, why not order your own name labels today! Simply visit our website or give us a call during office hours. Remember, Christmas is coming soon and we recommend ordering early to avoid problems with Christmas post!

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