Kind Names To Celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Week

News: Kind Names To Celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Week

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Kind Names To Celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Here Is Our Random List Of Names Meaning “Kindness”...

This year, February 12th to 18th is “Random Acts Of Kindness” week, during which everyone is encouraged to perform random acts of kindness to help make the world a kinder place.

These random acts can be anything, big or small, from simply paying a compliment to the people you meet, buying coffee for a random stranger, leaving positive notes for others to find, or making a donation to charity.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of names from around the world that mean “kindness”:

Ademar: one of the meanings used for the name “Ademar” is “famous for his kindness”; this name is Germanic in origin, although there are a number of variations (including Adhemar, Adimar, Ademaro) and the name is popular in both French and Spanish speaking countries.

Benen: the name of an ancient Irish saint who was a favourite disciple of the patron saint of Ireland, St Patrick, Benen is derived from the Latin name “Benignus”, which means “kind, friendly”.

Caron: a Welsh name derived from “caru” (to love), meaning “loving, kind”.

Chares/Charis: an Ancient Greek name derived from the Greek word “charis” meaning “grace, kindness”; this name has inspired a number of variations including Chariton, Haris, Khariton, Caris, Caris, Charisma, Carissa, Charissa, and Karissa.

Charity: based on “Caritas”, the Latin word for one of the three Christian theological virtues (alongside Fides/Faith and Spec/Hope), this name has a number of meanings including “benevolence” and “generous love”. Charity is sometimes shortened to “Cherry”.

Ebele: originating from Africa, this name means “mercy, kindness” in Igbo.

Ellis: there are a number of origins for the name “Ellis” but one of them is the Welsh name “Elisedd”, which is derived from “elus”, meaning “kind, benevolent, charitable”.

We wish you well with any random acts of kindness that you have planned and, remember, if you need any assistance with your name labels, you can always get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be more than happy to help out!

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