A Great Big Thank You To Our Lovely Customers & School Fundraisers

News: A Great Big Thank You To Our Lovely Customers & School Fundraisers

Friday 22nd September 2023   /   News   /   0 Comment(s)

A Great Big Thank You To Our Lovely Customers & School Fundraisers

With summer well and truly over, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you to our lovely customers and school fundraisers and to celebrate a fantastically successful summer.

Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Success!

Every year, after the back to school season is over, we like to pause and say thank you. Partly because we need a moment to catch our breath! The summer is also our best season and it wouldn’t be the best without our fantastic customers and fundraisers.

We’ve had another successful summer. We've printed lots of name labels and worked with lots of school fundraisers (new and old).

This summer has been one of our busiest yet and we’d like to say thank you to every single customer. You’ve supported us all summer long with plenty of orders, recommending us to friends and family, and amazing reviews. We’ve passed another milestone on our reviews page, which now features over 11,920 reviews – with over 11,100 awarding us 5 stars!

This year, we also made some changes to our school fundraising scheme. We wanted to make sure that our school fundraisers were getting the most out of our scheme. So, we decided to offer all of our school fundraisers 30% commission and introduced a minimum payout of £10.

We’ve had a fantastic response from new and old school fundraisers. This has been our best year yet for commission totals. We also had an amazing response to our school samples offer, which gives schools the chance to request personalised samples for their new starters (as well as providing full school samples to those who missed out on last year’s offer).

So thank you to all of you – whether you bought, reviewed, or recommended our name labels or signed your school up to our fundraising scheme. We’re delighted to see so many parents and schools choosing Stikins ® name labels – year after year after year!

Let Us Know What You Think Of Stikins ® Name Labels

We love hearing from our customers. Reviews are one of the ways that we keep track of how well (or not) our name labels are doing. Your feedback helps us to work out what Stikins ® labels do well and where we could improve. Plus, we get to hear about all of the amazingly creative uses our customers have come up with for their name labels!

You can leave a review using the link in one of our Leave Us A Review emails. Alternatively, you can use the Write A Review button on our Reviews page.

We ask you to rate the quality, value, and service we provide. You can also leave a comment to let us know just what you think about Stikins ® name labels!

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