Happy Tartan Day From Stikins ® Name Tags!

News: Happy Tartan Day From Stikins ® Name Tags!

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Happy Tartan Day From Stikins ® Name Tags!

A Happy Tartan Day From Stikins ® Name Tags!

Here in the Stikins ® Name Tags office, we thought we’d celebrate Tartan Day with a list of some of our favourite names that have their origins in the language (and lands) of Scotland.

There are so many different names that can trace their roots to areas of Scotland and to Scottish languages. Some have retained a flavour of their Scottish heritage while others have adapted to different times (and different tongues) to create a whole range of brand new names for new generations all around the world.

A list of names that come from Scotland or Scottish languages are listed in front of a blue tartan background. The names are Ailsa, Jamie, Ronald, Elspeth, Mairi, Iain, Maisie, Douglas, Cameron, Logan, Beathan, Shona, Leslie, Fergus, Mungo, Alasdair, Donald, Caitriona, Blair, Isla, Hamish, Jock, Fenella, Morag, Dougal, Calum, Malcolm, Brodie, Rhona, and Lachlan.

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