Going Places With Geographically Inspired Names

News: Going Places With Geographically Inspired Names

Friday 18th August 2017   /   News   /   0 Comment(s)

Going Places With Geographically Inspired Names

You might not know it but it was on this day in 1587 that Virginia Dare was born – becoming the first English child to be born in the “New World” of America. She was named for the territory of Virginia where she was born, which got us thinking about all of the different names we see that are taken from place names around the world…

Our Most Requested Name Tags for Names Inspired by Places…

We’ve printed various name tags for names inspired by countries and states, counties and capitals, and cities and towns and, following a quick look through the archives, we’ve found that the following have been the most popular place-based names amongst our customers over the last year:

Georgia ~ SebastianLoganFlorenceAustinHarleyLydiaEden

Do you need name tags for the big return to school?

With the new school term underway in Scotland and the summer holidays fast drawing to a close across the UK, we are busy printing and packing name tags all day, every day. We supply our name tags to delivery addresses across the UK and Ireland (along with some European countries) and our tags can be used for a range of applications, from tagging school uniform and equipment, to even tagging household items. So, whether you have a name that is inspired by a place, or you simply require some name tags – we’d love to hear from you!

You can order by phone during our office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) or you can order online at anytime. If you need your name tags urgently, you can give us a call to upgrade to a guaranteed next day delivery service. We generally despatch all orders on the same working day (up to 3pm) with all other orders being despatched on the next working day.

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