We're Feeling Festive With Our Favourite Seasonal Names

News: We're Feeling Festive With Our Favourite Seasonal Names

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We're Feeling Festive With Our Favourite Seasonal Names

This week we’re celebrating the festive season with our favourite Christmas-inspired names requested by our name labels customers in 2018.

Fantastically Festive Names To Bring You Christmas Cheer Throughout The Year

There are all sorts of names with a distinctly festive flavour. Some have very traditional origins, while others offer a more subtle sense of the season…

A list of names inspired by Christmas sits in front of a background of snowflakes. The names are Angel and Gabriel from the Nativity; Aster, Estelle, Seren, and Stella, which all mean star; Avery meaning Elf-wisdom; Beth and Frank for Bethlehem and Frankincense; Bianca meaning white for a White Christmas; Buddy the elf; Carol for Christmas songs; Casper or Caspar who was one of the Wise Men; Douglas, a type of fir popularly used as Christmas Trees; Eve for Christmas Eve; Holly and Ivy for Christmas decorations; Isi and Oisín, which mean deer and little deer; Jack for Jack Frost; Natalia, Natalie, and Natasha, which all mean “Christmas Day”; Neva meaning snow; Nicholas and Nick for the saint who inspired Sinterklass (Santa Claus); Noel and Noelle from the French for Christmas; Robin and Robyn for the bird that symbolises Christmas; Stephen for Saint Stephen’s Day, which is also Boxing Day; and Winter.

Festive FAQs For Ordering A Set Of Christmas Name Labels

Here are our answers to help you take the chaos out of ordering name labels for Christmas!

When Will My Name Labels Be Delivered?

We print name labels Monday to Friday up to 3pm. Orders placed on these days before 3pm despatch same day; orders placed after 3pm or over the weekend despatch next working day.

Standard delivery is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service. This service is NOT a guaranteed service. Around 93% of first classpost arrives next day but the rest can take up to five working days to arrive. This service is also likely to experience delays in the run-up to Christmas.

Will I Receive My Name Labels Before Christmas?

While our standard delivery service USUALLY arrives next day, this is NOT guaranteed – and first class items are likely to experience delays.

What Items Can Be Labelled With Stikins ® Name Labels?

Stikins ® labels are super flexible and made with a unique adhesive, which means that they stick on and stay on – to just about any item you might want to label.

They can be used to label clothing and fabric items; apply your clothes name tags onto the wash-care label. They can also be used to label all kinds of other personal items. For example, shoes and bags, books and stationery, toys and sports kit, lunch boxes and water bottles, mobiles and tablets, and all those essential bits and pieces that have the potential to go missing.

In fact, the only items they really aren’t suitable for are socks and tights; these items do not have wash-care labels and their flexible surfaces prevent Stikins ® labels from forming a sustainable adhesive bond.

Do I Really Just Stick Stikins ® Labels Onto My Items?

YES! Stikins ® labels are stick on name labels designed to simply stick on and stay on.

There’s absolutely no sewing and no ironing required. You should avoid direct contact between your iron and your name labels because the heat will damage your Stikins ® name labels.

Which Pack Is The Most Cost-Effective?

Our largest pack size (N120) is the most cost effective label, offering the lowest price per label. If you don’t need 120 name labels right away, remember that you can use however many name labels you need right now and store the remainder safely away for future labelling (and emergencies!).

Keep your labels in their original packaging and store them somewhere dry, away from light/heat sources – preferably at a steady room temperature.

Can I Split A Pack Between Two (Or Three Or Four Or More!) Names?

We cannot split a pack; our system automatically prints the SAME text onto ALL of the labels within a single pack. If you want to share a pack of name labels between two or more people, why not try one of the following workarounds:

  • Use a surname only (or “Surname Family” / “Family Surname”).
  • Use an initial and surname if your family members share an initial.
  • Request a blank line and a surname so you can write in the name you need using a suitable laundry pen.
  • Request two names and cut your labels in half (e.g. enter "Name 1" on line 1 and "Name 2" on line 2).
  • Add two names and share (e.g. “Name 1 & Name 2” on line 1 and “Surname” on line 2).

How Do I Order Stikins ® Name Labels?

You can order online or by phone.

When Will You Stop Accepting Orders Of Name Labels For The Year?

Technically speaking, we never stop accepting orders because you can order online at ANY time over the Christmas period. We do, however, stop processing (i.e. printing and posting) orders during our Christmas break.

We will continue to print and post name labels up to 3pm on Friday 21st December.

Orders placed before this time will be despatched before we close for Christmas. Those placed after this time will not be printed and posted until we re-open on Wednesday 2nd January.

Please note that we will not be available to provide assistance over the Christmas break if your order does not arrive before Christmas. We would strongly recommend that you order as early as possible to avoid disappointment and delay.

Order Your Christmas Name Labels Now

Head on over to www.stikins.co.uk or give our Customer Service Team a call today. Let us know the names you need printing, the pack sizes you require, and your delivery information. You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal account (online orders only).

For more information about Stikins ® name labels, take a look at our information pages and our FAQs page. If you need any help or advice, our Customer Service Team is on hand to answer your questions and queries.

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