Our Most Popular Names Of 2020!

Just for Fun: Our Most Popular Names Of 2020!

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Our Most Popular Names Of 2020!

It's our annual round up of the most popular names requested by our name labels customers. Read on to find out if your favourite names made our top twenty lists for 2020!

The Most Popular Names Of 2020!

We print thousands of different names every year onto our name labels. In fact, this year, we printed over 9,000 different names!

Each year, we take a look at just some of the amazing inspirations behind a few of these names. As always, though, we like to start with the most popular choices. So, here are our customers' favourite names of 2020. Have your favourites made the list?

A blue and pink stripy background displays our top names of 2020. Our top 20 names for girls were: Emily, Olivia, Sophie/Sophia, Isla, Evie, Lily, Amelia, Jessica, Grace, Ava, Charlotte, Ella, Chloe, Poppy, Lucy, Freya, Isabelle/Isabella, Alice, Daisy, and Ruby. Our top 20 names for boys were: Harry, Jack, Oliver, George, Charlie, James, Thomas, William, Max, Henry, Joshua, Noah, Jacob, Oscar, Freddie, Ethan, Alex, Alfie, Leo, and Ben.

Stick On Name Labels – The Most Popular Name Labels Around

It’s easy to see why stick on name labels have become such a popular way to label school kit. Unlike traditional sew-in or iron-on name tapes, stick on labels are super quick and easy to apply and can be used to label a wider range of school kit.

Stick on name labels work like any other kind of label. You simply peel each label off the backing sheet and apply it firmly onto an item. Job done! Absolutely no sewing or ironing required.

While traditional labels were only suitable for fabric items (like school uniform), stick on labels can be used to label all kinds of school kit. This includes shoes, bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, books, stationery kits, and any other essentials your kids need (or want) to take to school with them.

Our name labels offer a truly modern solution to the task of labelling school kit. Our unique adhesive will ensure that your name labels really do just stick on and stay on.

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