Discover Secrets Of Stikins ® Labels & Amazing Names Of Fantastic Beasts

Just for Fun: Discover Secrets Of Stikins ® Labels & Amazing Names Of Fantastic Beasts

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Discover Secrets Of Stikins ®  Labels & Amazing Names Of Fantastic Beasts

The Wizarding World has returned with the third Fantastic Beasts film arriving in cinemas. We’re celebrating with some fantastic names inspired by beasts from myths and folklore. Check out the amazing names we found and learn the secrets of Stikins ® name labels.

Fantastic Names Inspired By Mythological Beasts

To celebrate Fantastic Beasts 3, we’ve been exploring names from mythology and folklore. In the last year, we’ve printed names inspired by fantastic beasts from all around the world. Check out our list below and see how many names you can think of that are inspired by a fantastic beast!

Deformed winged spirits
from Philippine folklore.
Giant who holds up the world
from Native American mythology.
Immortal talking horse
from Greek mythology.
Small magical forest-dwellers who help hunters
from African mythology.
Ancient mythological creature
with an eagle’s head/wings & a lion’s body.
One-eyed, one-winged birds created in pairs
from Chinese mythology.
Deities that inhabit all things;
worshipped in the Shinto religion.
Hooved chimerical creature
from Japanese mythology.
Demon with two faces (one human, one hyena)
from Angolan mythology.
Female night spirit or demon
from Scandinavian & Germanic folklore.
Spirits or fairy-like beings
from Australian Aboriginal folklore.
A lake creature (possible plesiosaur or serpent)
from Scottish folklore.
Ancestral spirits
from Philippine folklore.
Regenerative bird
from Greek/Egyptian mythology.
Mythical fairies
from Devon & Cornish folklore.
Ravens appear in many mythologies
as spirits, tricksters, and gods.
Giant bronze automaton made by Hephaestus
from Greek mythology.
Benevolent fairy-like creatures
from Romanian folklore.

The Secrets Of Stikins ® Name Labels (Or How Stikins ® Labels Stop Your Kids’ Kit From Disappearing!)

The secret of our success lies in our unique combination of materials. We've carefully chosen each material to ensure your name labels really do just stick on and stay on.

  • The Face Material
    We make our name labels with an advanced synthetic material that is amazingly thin and flexible. This means you can use your labels on solid and flexible surfaces (like water bottles and school jumpers). When applied onto fabric items, Stikins ® labels flex along with the wash-care label, allowing them to remain in place throughout the washing cycle. Thicker labels are more likely to catch on other surfaces, while rigid labels start to peel up over time.   
  • The Adhesive
    We use a unique adhesive, which is designed to create strong adhesive bonds that withstand highly challenging conditions – like the washing machine. Our adhesive creates strong bonds between a range of surfaces and material types. This means you can label a variety of items, including both fabric and non-fabric items, with the same labels. The adhesive holds your labels in place, wash after wash after wash. It will also keep your labels in place on items that go through the tumble dryer, dishwasher, and microwave.
  • The Print
    We use a highly durable printing ribbon to personalise our name labels. This means your text remains clear and legible even after daily wear and tear (and multiple trips through the washing machine). We use a bold, black font to ensure that your personalisation stands out on our bright white label. This means that your personalisation is easy to read for kids and adults of all ages. It also makes it easy for your items to be returned even if they do manage to pull a disappearing act.

Order Stikins ® Name Labels Today! It’s Fantastically Easy!

You can order online or by phone. Simply let us know what you want printing and how many labels you need. Give us your delivery address, make payment, and before you can say Accio Stikins, your name labels will be on their way!

We print and post name labels up to 3pm every Monday to Friday. This means we despatch all orders on the same or next working day as they are placed. Delivery is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service as standard (as we don’t have any owls available!).

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