Launch Your Own (Caped) Crusade Against Lost Property With Sticky Name Labels

Just for Fun: Launch Your Own (Caped) Crusade Against Lost Property With Sticky Name Labels

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Launch Your Own (Caped) Crusade Against Lost Property With Sticky Name Labels

Today marks the release of The Batman. We’re celebrating with a look at how Batman-related names fare amongst our customers. Plus, how stick on name labels are helping to win the fight against lost property in schools.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na Bat-Names!

To celebrate The Batman, we decided to riddle(r) out how many Batman-themed names we’ve printed. We managed to scare(crow) up over 70 names from the world of Gotham. From heroes and villains, by way of bats, cats, birds and foxes (not to mention the actual Bat-Hound), check out our top picks below.  

A list of Batman-themed names is listed against a black background. The names are listed in gold, with their surname and/or alter-ego listed below in grey. The names are: Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, James or Jim Gordon, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, Talia al Ghul, Richard Grayson aka Robin, Jason Todd aka Robin, Timothy Drake aka Robin, Stephanie Brown aka Robin, Damian Wayne aka Robin, Ace aka Bat-Hound, Duke Thomas aka Signal, Harold Allnut, Lucius Fox, Renee Montoya, Kate Kane aka Batwoman, Mary Kane aka Batgirl, Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, Cassandra Cain-Wayne aka Batgirl, Kirk Langstrom aka Man-Bat, Harper Row aka Bluebird, Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress, Jack Ryder aka Creeper, Thomas Blake aka Catman, Bane, Harleen or Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy, Edward Nigma aka Riddler, Harvey Dent aka Two-Face, Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin, Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy, Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow, Tommy Elliot aka Hush, Victor Fries aka Mr Freeze, Hugo Strange, Roman Sionis aka Black Mask, Jeremiah Arkham aka Black Mask, Garfield Lynns aka Firefly, Ted Carson aka Firefly, Basil Karlo aka Clayface, Matt Hagen aka Clayface, Preston Payne aka Clayface, Cassius Payne aka Clayface, Peter Malley aka Clayface, Todd Russell aka Clayface, Johnny Williams aka Clayface, Arnold Wesker aka Ventriloquist, Peyton Riley aka Ventriloquist, and Shauna Belzer aka Ventriloquist.

Beat The Lost Property Box With Your Own Personalised Bat-Signal (AKA Stikins ® Stick On Name Labels)

So, name labels might not be able to summon a superhero or save the world. But they can keep your kids’ school kit safe.

Stick on name labels make it SUPER easy and SUPER quick to label school stuff.  

Stikins ® name labels have a unique adhesive and you can label items in seconds. Simply peel a label off the backing sheet and stick down firmly. The same labels work on clothing and fabric items* as on shoes, bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, books, stationery, P.E. kit, and all the other essentials your kids need for school.

* Apply your labels onto the wash-care label only in fabric items. Do not apply them directly onto the fabric as we cannot guarantee they will work on all materials.

Once labelled, anyone can identify the owner of an item with a quick peek at the label. We use a super clear contrast of bright white labels printed with a black font to make sure they’re easy to read for kids (and adults) of all ages.

Labelled items can be returned to their owner before they reach the lost property box. They're also SUPER easy to return if they do end up in lost property. This means parents don’t have to pay for replacements and schools don’t have to deal with unclaimed property that often goes to waste.

Make sure your family doesn’t have any more dark (k)nights worrying about lost property – order Stikins ® labels today!

We offer packs of 30, 60, 90, or 120 name labels. You can order online or by phone. We offer same day despatch up to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 3pm, over the weekend, or during holidays are despatched next working day. Delivery is free and uses Royal Mail’s first class service.

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