Solve Super Sudoku Puzzles With Our Summer Activity Sheets

Just for Fun: Solve Super Sudoku Puzzles With Our Summer Activity Sheets

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Solve Super Sudoku Puzzles With Our Summer Activity Sheets

We've updated our Activities For Kids page yet again! This month we’re celebrating the arrival of summer (not that the weather has noticed!) with some super Sudoku puzzles for all the family!

Can You Solve All Eight Of Our Super Sudoku Puzzles?

Whether you’re a Sudoku star or a bit of a beginner, we’ve got Sudoku puzzles for everyone to enjoy (especially if you're stuck indoors, looking out at the rain, and wondering how to amuse your family for a little while).

Beginners can try their luck with our super cute cut and stick Sudoku sheets, featuring animal pieces for you to use to complete each puzzle.

If you’re feeling ready to have a go with a pencil (or pen!) in hand, take a look at our mixed difficulty Sudoku and medium Super Sudoku sheets, which guide you through a series of increasingly tricky puzzles.

Finally, if you’re feeling particularly daring, why not have a go at our hard Super Sudoku sheet, which features five interlocking Sudoku grids for you to solve.

These colourful Sudoku puzzles are great fun for the all family - and they come with an extra challenging twist. You need to fill in the grids making sure that each number appears once in each row, column, AND in each coloured shape inside the grid.

All of our Sudoku sheets are completely free to download. Visit our Kids Activities page to pick your puzzle and start solving! You can download as many copies as you like – so why not nab a few extras to challenge your friends and family this summer.

Remember, we’d love to see how you get on, so why not share your Sudoku solving skills with us on social media.

All of our Activity Sheet Sets are available to download from our Kids Activities page, so if you’re looking for some fun (and free) summer activities, why not see how many of our puzzles you can solve this summer.

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