Tips & Tricks To Help Your Stick On Name Labels Stay Stuck!

FAQ: Tips & Tricks To Help Your Stick On Name Labels Stay Stuck!

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Tips & Tricks To Help Your Stick On Name Labels Stay Stuck!

Stikins ® name labels were designed to simply stick on and stay on. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few tips and tricks that you can use to make absolutely sure that your stick on name labels really do stay stuck!

Follow the instructions for use!

We’ve been supplying stick on name label products for over 15 years and we’ve worked hard on our instructions for use, refining and improving them year after year, to ensure that they will help our customers get the very best results from their name labels. The instructions help to avoid potential problems and really will help to make sure that your name labels stick on and stay on.

It matters WHERE you stick your name labels!

If you are labelling clothing, school uniform, or fabric items (like towels, bedding, or soft toys), you MUST apply Stikins ® name labels onto the WASH-CARE label. This is not the brand label but the label that carries the wash-care instructions / symbols.

If you are labelling shoes, you must NOT apply them directly below the heel of the foot. Friction generated during wear will cause the print to disintegrate over time. We recommend applying your name labels onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of each shoe.

Other items can be labelled as you like!

Items should be clean & dry when you label them!

If items are not clean and dry when you label them, they may be carrying particles of water, dust, excess dye, or chemicals (used to preserve new clothing during storage and distribution), which will interfere with the adhesive bond between your labels and the items you want to label. The adhesive may end up bonding with those particles (rather than your item), creating a weaker adhesive bond that is likely to fail over time.

We do recommend washing brand new clothing before labelling these items as this removes any traces of dust, excess dye, or preservatives.

Store your Stikins ® labels safely to preserve the adhesive!

If you are keeping some labels on hand for those “on the way out of the door” labelling emergencies, you need to store them properly to ensure that the adhesive maintains its stickiness! We recommend keeping your name labels in their original packaging and putting them somewhere dry, out of direct sunlight, and preferably at a consistent room temperature. If they are exposed to heat, this can cause a reaction in the adhesive, weakening the adhesive bond that forms when the labels are actually applied.

Take care when washing and ironing labelled items of clothing!

While you don’t need to separate labelled items from the rest of your washing pile and treat them differently, Stikins ® name labels are designed to stay stuck during a NORMAL cycle of washing and drying (and ironing) clothing. They have been independently tested using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 60 washes and 40 degrees and will work effectively under these conditions provided that you:

  • Also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for any cleaning products that you use to ensure that you are using the correct amount for the amount of clothing being washed and the hardness of water in your area.
  • Avoid ironing directly over Stikins ® labels. They are made of a vinyl material that will be damaged by direct contact with an iron.
  • Avoid soaking the labels in extremely strong, highly concentrated cleaning products (such as bleaching products). 
  • Don’t wash labelled items for 24 hours after labelling them; this allows the adhesive to fully strengthen and set.
  • Avoid “testing” the adhesive by tugging at the corners after washing items, as this can damage the adhesive bond and lead to an adhesive failure.  

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You can find more top tips on our website. We recommend checking out our Instructions For Use and FAQs pages, and you can also take a look through our blog posts to find helpful hints and advice. If you have any questions or queries that aren’t answered on our website, remember you can get in touch with our Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have – big or small!

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