FAQ – What Should I Include On My Name Labels?

FAQ: FAQ – What Should I Include On My Name Labels?

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FAQ – What Should I Include On My Name Labels?

Name Labels FAQs

While they’re called name labels, it’s entirely up to you what you actually have printed when you order your Stikins ® and/or Trons ®; whether you want to stick to a name only or you prefer to add in something extra to make your labels that little bit more efficient or personal.

The only thing you really need to bear in mind is the size of the labels; our system counts up how many characters you’ve requested and selects a font size that will allow all of your text to fit onto your labels (meaning the more text you add, the smaller the font becomes). Our Stikins ® measure 30mm wide by 15mm high and our Trons ® measure 35mm wide by 15mm high; we find that picking TWO pieces of information and spacing this out over two lines will create a decent legible size of font on both of our name label products.

Here’s a few examples of things that existing customers have chosen to include on their name labels:

A Name(!):

The most popular choice of all, but it’s up to you how you want to format your name; for example, we’ve had orders for first name only, first name and surname, initial and surname, as well as full names (middle names included).

Family Name:

Some choose to add just a surname or even “Family Surname” / “Surname Family”, which has the useful benefit of allowing you to share packs of labels between family members.


Some children (and some adults!) may prefer to be known by (or are generally only known by) a nickname, which means that if you don’t add their nickname, their items may not be returned because people don’t make the connection AND you may find that tantrums and tears erupt because their actual name just isn’t right. Some choose to add the nickname instead of the first name, while others will include the nickname along with the first name so that items are identifiable (and returnable) with either name.

School Name:

Adding the name of your child’s school can be a useful way to add some extra protection to their belongings, particularly if you know that they will take or use those items outside of the school environment – if these items are lost in a public place, they can be handed in to the school who can then use the name on the labels to return them to the correct student.


Some parents like to add their child’s year group or class name to help speed up the recovery of lost items.

Contact Phone Number:

The most popular choice for “extra” information is a contact phone number to help items be returned quickly and easily; it’s up to you whether you opt for a home number or a mobile number, but we find that either will fit neatly (and legibly) onto one line of your labels, leaving the other free for a name.


Others prefer to add an address to their labels, although you will need to make sure you use a shortened version to avoid your font being reduced to a very small size.

Email Address:

Again, others prefer using an email address as their contact information but we would advise only choosing this option if your email is very short.

Medical/Allergy Information:

If your child (or relative) has a medical condition or allergy, then adding this information to their name labels can act as an extra medical alert in the event of an emergency. For example, it would allow your child or relative to quickly convey their condition to anyone who steps in to help (or even act as an alert if your child or relative is unable to do so) and can also make sure that their medical supplies and/or food and drink (made specifically to suit their condition or allergies) remain safe and secure even when moving about in busy, shared environments.


Some like to add a friendly message to their name labels; two of our most popular choices are “Please Return To” and “This Belongs To”.

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