FAQ – What Information Can I Put On My Name Labels?

FAQ: FAQ – What Information Can I Put On My Name Labels?

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FAQ – What Information Can I Put On My Name Labels?

It’s entirely up to you what text you request on your name labels and there are only two conditions that you have to meet:

  1. You can ONLY request standard alphanumerical characters (including a limited number of accented characters)
  2. You can ONLY request a limited number of characters to ensure that all of your text will fit onto each name label

Our system CANNOT print images or other icons (such as emojis), so you can only request letters and numbers.
We are also able to offer a limited number of accented characters as follows;
À Á Â Ä Ã Å à á â ä â å Æ æ Ç ç Ð ð À Á Â Ä Ã Å à á â ä â å Æ æ Ç ç Ð ð Ñ ñ Ô Ö Õ Ø ò ó ô ö õ ø ß Ù Ú Û Ü ù ú û ü Ý Ÿ ý ÿ

Size(s) of our Name Labels

The name labels we supply are made in one of two sizes only (Stikins ® measure 30mm x 15mm and Trons ® measure 35mm x 15mm) and our system automatically selects a font size that will allow all of the characters you have entered to fit within those dimensions – which means the more text you add, the smaller your font size will be.

For example, while our system CAN process orders with 30-35 characters on a line, it will use a VERY small font to allow all of those characters to sit on a single line. We recommend trying to keep your character count to no more than 20 characters per line.

This means that, as long as you keep things short and sweet (and sensible), you can request pretty much any text you like!
Here are some suggestions of things you might want to include, based on requests made by existing Stikins ® and Trons ® customers:

  • “Family Surname” – ideal if you want to be able to share a pack of name labels between everyone in your family.
  • Nicknames – perfect if your child (or, indeed, any relative) is ONLY known by a nickname, rather than a given name.
  • Messages – some customers like to add a personal message to their name labels, such as “This Belongs To”, “Please Return To”, or “If Lost, Return To”.
  • Contact Information – if you know that you want to label items that will be taken outside the relative safety of the school environment, adding a piece of contact information is an easy way to make it easier for someone to return something that has gone astray. We recommend using a phone number, which will fit neatly and clearly onto both of our name label products – you can opt to include an email address or a partial/shortened version of your home address but these do tend to be much longer than phone numbers, which will significantly reduce the font size that is produced.
  • School Name / Year Group – a little bit of extra information that can make it much quicker and easier for your child’s school uniform or equipment to be returned to them while in the school environment.
  • Medical / Allergy Information – adding this information allows you to use your name labels as extra medical alerts to either let other people know that your child (or relative or, indeed, yourself) has a particular condition in the event of an emergency AND can be used to make sure that medical supplies or specially prepared meals are very clearly labelled to keep them safe and secure for when they are needed.

Get in Touch with our Team for Name Labels and other FAQs

Visit our Stikins ® product page to get started with an order or take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions page and our Blog for more useful tips and information about our name labels. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team.

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