FAQ – The Difference Between Choosing One Line Or Two Lines On Name Labels?

FAQ: FAQ – The Difference Between Choosing One Line Or Two Lines On Name Labels?

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FAQ – The Difference Between Choosing One Line Or Two Lines On Name Labels?

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When visiting our website you may have noticed that our product pages offer you a few different options to choose from, including one that asks if you want your name labels printed with “Name on one line” or “Name on two lines”.

We include these two options because we know that not all of our customers will want to add the same information and some will have far less (or more) to add than others. If you select the “Name on one line” option all of your text will be printed on one line and if you select the “Name on two lines” option you can divide the text you want over two lines.

We provide you with these two options so you can include the text you want in the layout that you want – with the opportunity to boost the size of font where possible. Our system counts up the number of characters you have requested and then selects a font size that will allow all of those characters to fit within the dimensions of our name label products (Stikins ®: 30mm x 15mm / Trons ®: 35mm x 15mm) – which means that the more text you include, the smaller the font becomes.

Our default set up is “Name on two lines” because we find that this setup allows you to enter the name (or name and additional information) that you want and receive labels printed in a bold font size that is perfectly legible. For example, even if you enter a full name on the top line and a phone number on the bottom line, the font size will remain clear and legible.

However, it might be that you’re requesting labels with just a first name or surname (or even that you’re ordering labels for someone with a very short first name and surname, for example “John Doe” or “Mary Sue”), which can look rather odd if two lines are used, and will actually print out in a much larger font size if you select the “Name on one line” option.

Please note: if you choose to select the “Name on one line” option and enter a lot of characters the font size you receive will be severely reduced – possibly to the point of being very difficult to read – especially if your name is particularly long (for example, if it includes a double barrelled first name and/or surname). Our labels DO NOT EXTEND in size to accommodate the text you enter; it is the font size that reduces, so it is up to you to take care with the layout you select and the amount of text you request to get a font size that you are happy with.

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