Got Questions About Stikins ® Name Labels?

FAQ: Got Questions About Stikins ® Name Labels?

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Got Questions About Stikins ® Name Labels?

Read On For All Of The Answers To Our FAQs!

If you’ve never ordered or used Stikins ® stick on name labels before, you might have a few questions. In this FAQs post, we’ve pulled together information to answer all of our most frequently asked questions. This includes information about our name labels, print, packs, order process, prices, despatch and delivery, and instructions for use.

FAQs – About Stikins ® Name Labels

We use an ultra-thin synthetic material and unique adhesive. This makes our name labels are extremely soft and gentle against skin. They’re also flexible enough to bond with flat or curved surfaces – including flexible surfaces like the wash-care labels in clothing. Stikins ® name labels measure 30mm wide by 15mm high and fit neatly and discretely onto items of all shapes and sizes.

Our adhesive holds your name labels in place, even through washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, and microwaves. Stikins ® labels are multipurpose name labels suitable for labelling pretty much everything and anything!

FAQs – About The Print On Stikins ® Name Labels

We use a font called CG Triumverate, which we print in black with a bold emphasis. Our system selects the largest font size that will allow your personalisation to fit on your name labels. You can request up to 22 characters per line but we recommend 15-20 max.

We can print standard alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, and 0-9), punctuation marks, and selected accented characters (À Á Â Ä Ã Å Æ à á â ä â å æ È É Ê Ë è é ê ë Í Î Ï ì í î ï Ô Ö Õ ò ó ô ö õ Ù Ú Û Ü ù ú û ü Ç ç Ñ ñ Ý Ÿ ý ÿ Ø ø Ð ð ß ƒ).

We cannot print images (such as emoji) or characters from different alphabets. Use the space bar on your keyboard to enter a blank space and our system will leave that line blank.

Most customers request a first name (on line 1) and a surname (on line 2). You can include full names, first name or surname only, nicknames, or initials and surnames. You may wish to enter a name on line one and use line two for another piece of information. Common examples include contact information (e.g. mobile number), medical or allergy information (e.g. nut allergy), school information (e.g. class name), or a personal message (e.g. “This Belongs To”). We recommend no more than two pieces of information (e.g. a name and phone number). You should also avoid addresses and emails, which take up a lot of room.

The personalisation is centred on each name label and you can request one or two lines. We recommend two lines unless you are requesting fewer than 15 characters in total.

FAQs – About Packs Of Stikins ® Name Labels

Stikins ® labels come in four pack sizes: 30 name labels, 60 name labels, 90 name labels, or 120 name labels. Each pack has its own bag, pre-printed with our Instructions For Use. All of the name labels within a pack are printed with the same text. You can be creative with your personalisation to create name labels that you can share:

  1. Request a surname only (or “Surname Family” / “Family Surname”) and share.
  2. Enter an initial and surname if your family members share an initial.
  3. Request a blank line and a surname so you can write in the name you need using a suitable laundry pen.
  4. Enter two names and cut them up to create individual name labels (e.g. enter “Name/Initial 1 Surname Name/Initial 2” on one line or enter “Name 1” on line 1 and “Name 2” on line 2).
  5. Request two names and share (e.g. “Name 1 & Name 2” on line 1 and “Surname” on line 2).

FAQs – About Ordering Stikins ® Name Labels

Order online or by phone (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm). We accept payment via credit/debit card (online/phone), or PayPal account (online). Groups and organisations (e.g. schools, nurseries, nursing homes and residential care facilities, activity groups etc) can request a proforma invoice and pay by BACS transfer or cheque.

Stikins ® name labels are a personalised product so you must check your details carefully before you checkout. You can also double check your details on the order confirmation page and in your confirmation email. Contact our Customer Service Team as soon as possible if you find any errors.

Schools and PTAs signed up to our school fundraising scheme have a unique fundraising number. Quote a school fundraising number as you order to add to the school’s commission total. If you forget to enter your school’s fundraising code or don’t know what code to use, get in touch and we’ll add it to your order.

School fundraising numbers track the commission earned by our school fundraisers – they are not discount codes.

FAQs – About The Price Of Stikins ® Name Labels

Our prices include VAT and standard UK delivery. We offer a 10% discount to all customers who order three or more packs of name labels and provide discounts to residential care homes and nursing facilities who order on behalf of their residents. Visit our Nursing Home Name Labels page or contact our Customer Service Team to find out more.

Our larger pack sizes (N120 or N90) are the most cost-effective options with the lowest price per name label. Any name labels that you don’t use right away can be stored for future use or kept on hand for emergency “on-the-way-out-of-the-door” applications.

FAQs – About Despatch & Delivery Of Stikins ® Name Labels

We make and despatch name labels every day – Monday to Friday, up to 3pm. Orders placed after 3pm, over the weekend, or during holidays go out on the next working day.

Standard delivery uses Royal Mail’s first class service. Around 93% arrives the next day with the rest usually take just a day or two extra (especially in the London area). Items may take up to five working days to arrive.

We only ship to UK addresses BUT our sister company (Madebuy) sells Stikins ® name labels via Amazon and eBay and offer shipping to a number of worldwide destinations.

Orders will easily fit through any standard letter box.

FAQs – About Using Stikins ® Name Labels

Each pack of name labels includes full instructions for use. You must apply your name labels onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items. The only fabric items that they cannot be used to label are those without wash-care labels – like socks. When applying Stikins ® labels into shoes, you should stick them onto the side wall or beneath the tongue of each shoe. For all other personal items, simply stick your name labels directly onto the surface of each item.

There’s no sewing and no ironing required. In fact, it’s best to avoid ironing directly over your name labels as the heat will cause the synthetic materials to melt and shrivel up.

You can put labelled items through washing machines, tumble-dryers, dishwashers, and microwaves. Stikins ® name labels were independently tested using the BS EN ISO6330 wash test procedure for 60 washes at 40 degrees and underwent six months of additional in-house testing in both washing machines and tumble dryers.

You can store your name labels so you can use them as and when you need them. We recommend that you keep your name labels in their original packaging and that you put them somewhere dry, out of direct sunlight, and preferably at a steady room temperature.

Got Other Questions & Queries – Get In Touch!

If you’ve got any other questions that we haven’t answered here you can take a look through our information pages online or contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help. Our office hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

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