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If you are a registered school with Label Planet then you can earn commission by quoting your fundraising number when ordering on our website. You can also link to this site from your school website using your fundraising number and earn affiliate commission for your school from any sales generated from the link.

Affiliate Banners - HTML Code Generator:

You can use our banner code generator below to generate HTML code for displaying a banner on your school website with your fundraising number encoded into the link.

Simply enter your School Fundraising Number, choose a banner size and click on 'Generate Code'. Your school webmaster can then add the HTML code to a page of your school website. Anyone who clicks on your banner and purchases name labels from our site will earn 30% commission for your school.

Enter School Fundraising Number (To obtain your fundraising number call 01270-668076)

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Text Links:

You can place a link on your school website using your fundraising number embedded in the URL as follows:

Let's say, for example, that your school fundraising number is 12345

You would then place a link on your school website using the following URL:

In the above example, you would use your ID number in place of 12345 - Please note also that the NAME-LABELS part of the url is case sensitive and needs to be in capitals, so please use the URL format exactly as the example above.

If you need any help please contact us.

Claiming Your 30% Commission

After you have added a link on your school website that links to our website, please fill out the form below. We will then activate your 30% commission rate after verifying your link.

School Name: *
Fundraising Number: *
Link Url: *
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