What is a school fundraising number?

What is a school fundraising number?

We run a school fundraising scheme, which allows schools, PTAs, nurseries and children's groups to raise money by earning commission on sales of our school name labels. If your child’s school is signed up to our scheme, they will have a unique fundraising number - if you quote this number when you buy name labels from us, your order will be added to their commission earnings. All orders quoting a fundraising number will count towards a school's fundraising total.

If you forget to enter your school's fundraising code, or you don't know what code to use, you can get in touch with our Customer Service Team and we will add the correct number to your order. We can do this even if your order has already been delivered to you.

To quote a fundraising number, simply type the number into the School Fundraising Number box at the bottom of our online order form or quote the number when ordering by phone.

Please note that school fundraising numbers are used for the sole purpose of tracking the amount of commission earned by our fundraising partners - they are not discount codes.