Ban The Lost Property Box Forever With Stick On School Labels

Schools: Ban The Lost Property Box Forever With Stick On School Labels

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Ban The Lost Property Box Forever With Stick On School Labels

Lost property can be a major headache for schools of all sizes; with Stikins ® stick on school labels, however, you can ban the lost property box forever.

The Many Problems Of Lost Property

Schools are busy places, filled with children and their – near identical – belongings. In the hustle and bustle of the classroom, cloakroom, and changing room, it’s all too easy for items to get mixed up or misplaced. This leaves school staff with the additional work of having to round up, store, and attempt to reunite this lost property with the rightful owner – which can be an impossible task in itself. Many children will be reluctant to claim items from the lost property box if they don’t know for sure that something belongs to them. This often means that even when schools put in the time and effort to hold lost property events, few items will actually be reclaimed.

Finding a simple labelling solution that works for ALL school items encourages ALL parents to label ALL of their children’s belongings, which means that when items do go missing (an inevitable part of school life) they are easy to return to their rightful owner.

The Solution Of Stikins ® School Labels

Unlike sew-in name tapes, iron on name tags, clip on name tags, and other stick on name labels, Stikins ® labels can be used to label pretty much everything and anything *. They are made with a unique adhesive and a super flexible material, which means they can label soft items, like school uniform, and hard items, like lunch boxes and water bottles.

With Stikins ® labels, parents can use one pack to label their children’s school uniform AND school kit. This includes bags and shoes, stationery and books, and essential extras.

Our school labels simply stick on and stay on, so parents can get everything safely and securely labelled in minutes. They must be stuck onto the wash-care label of clothing and fabric items, where they will remain firmly stuck even when put through washing machines and tumble dryers. They can also be stuck directly onto other items, including food and drink containers that will be put through the dishwasher, microwave, or the good old kitchen sink.

Stikins ® labels are white in colour and printed with a bold black font. Parents can request one or two lines of text, with plenty of space to add a name or a name and additional information (such as a contact phone number, friendly message, or medical/allergy information). Each label measures 30mm wide by 15mm high; this size fits neatly and discretely onto clothing and personal items of all shapes and sizes.

* In fact, the only items that they struggle with are socks. Socks don’t have wash-care labels and, because they stretch around the foot, they don’t have a consistent surface for Stikins ® Labels to bond with successfully. While you CAN apply your labels onto socks, you will probably find that they peel away over time.

Solve Your Lost Property Problem & Raise Money For The School

In addition to reducing the amount of lost property in school (thus saving staff resources for more important things), Stikins ® labels can bring additional benefits in the shape of our school fundraising scheme. This scheme allows schools and PTAs to raise funds by earning commission on sales of Stikins ® name labels. We allocate a fundraising number to our school fundraisers and every order we receive where that number is quoted will earn commission for the school.

There are no initial or ongoing costs required to participate and we even provide free leaflets, posters, and samples to help you promote the scheme to parents. Parents order directly from us and we keep track of your commission earnings; all you need to do is sign up and make sure that parents know about Stikins ® name labels – and your all important fundraising number.

Find out more about our school fundraising scheme here or get started by signing up here. Remember, you can always get in touch with our Customer Service Team by phone or email if you have any questions or queries about Stikins ® name labels or our school fundraising scheme.

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