Welcome Your New Starters With Our Superb Summer Sample Offer

Schools: Welcome Your New Starters With Our Superb Summer Sample Offer

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Welcome Your New Starters With Our Superb Summer Sample Offer

Our free offer for new starters is back! Open to all schools, our superb summer sample offer is available until the end of June.  

Welcome Your New Starters With Free Personalised Stikins ® Name Labels

Many schools create welcome packs for their new starters – and Stikins ® name labels make the perfect addition as a welcoming gift. Personalised samples not only create a personalised welcome – they also encourage parents to start labelling school kit straightaway.

A new school means new school kit – and that can be a costly investment. Name labels help kids to keep hold of their kit. This means less lost property for schools and fewer costly replacements for parents. Name labels are also a great way to encourage kids to learn to take responsibility for their own belongings.

Plus, with us, you can turn name labels into school fundraisers by way of our school fundraising scheme. Schools and PTAs can earn commission on sales of Stikins ® name labels to support their ongoing fundraising efforts.

You can learn more in the School Fundraising section of our website.

What Is Our Superb Summer Sample Offer & How Can You Request Your Samples?

We are offering five free personalised Stikins ® name labels for each of your new starters. We pack each sample individually in a bag pre-printed with our instructions for use along with a parent leaflet, which explains how parents can order. For our school fundraisers, we can include a set of stickers pre-printed with your Stikins Fundraising Code so parents have your code to hand when they are ready to order.

The offer is open to all schools – whether you are a member of our school fundraising scheme or not.

(All schools are welcome to join and you can sign up to our School Fundraising scheme using our one-step sign up and requests form.)

To request your free samples, simply email us at [email protected]. Names should be sent in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document with the first names in the first column and the surnames in the second column.

If your school is unable to send full names due to its GDPR policy, we can offer more anonymous formats. For example, initials + class, first name + class, one name only, or initials only (these can be combined with a class name to avoid confusion over duplicates).

We have also produced a separate GDPR statement, which outlines how we handle the information provided by schools when they request samples. You can download a copy from our Useful Links and Downloads page.

Remember, the offer is open until the end of June. However, while there’s still plenty of time to make your request, why not do it today and make sure your school doesn’t miss out on our superb summer offer!

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