Top Tips To Boost Your School Fundraising This Summer

Schools: Top Tips To Boost Your School Fundraising This Summer

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Top Tips To Boost Your School Fundraising This Summer

Most parents order name labels over the summer holidays, which means that NOW is the time to boost your fundraising efforts to ensure that your school or PTA gets the most out of the back to school season.

How Does The Stikins ® Labels School Fundraising Scheme Work?

If you haven’t joined our fundraising scheme or you’re new to it this year, here’s how it works:

  • Each school / PTA has a unique fundraising number.
  • Orders quoting your fundraising number earn commission for your school / PTA.
  • We pay out commission in November.

And that’s it. Parents order directly from us and we keep track of your commission earnings. Commission is paid out once a year and there’s no sign up fee or ongoing costs required to participate. We even supply free fundraising materials for you to use to make sure that parents know a) how to order and b) what fundraising number they need to quote.

Why Is Summer School Fundraising So Important (& Successful)?

As we've mentioned, most parents order name labels during the summer holidays. This is when they buy new school uniform and kit – and when they’re most likely to be thinking about using name labels to ensure they don’t end up replacing the stuff they’ve just bought.

So, if you want to give your commission total a boost, NOW is the time to let parents know about the Stikins ® labels school fundraising scheme AND the number they need to quote to raise money for the school / PTA when they buy their name labels.

Plus, the end of the school year is a time when many schools / PTAs will be in regular communication with parents – of existing pupils and of new starters who will be joining the school in September. This means summer fundraising is both really efficient and cost-effective – because you can add a message about fundraising with Stikins ® labels to communications that are already being prepared for parents (instead of having to spend money and resources on creating entirely new ones). 

What School Fundraising Should We Do This Summer?

So, how can you boost your school fundraising this summer? Here are our top tips to have a successful summer with the Stikins ® labels school fundraising scheme.

Make The Most Of End Of Year Communications To Parents

Use end of year letters, emails, and text messages to let parents know about Stikins ® name labels and your fundraising number.

You could set up an additional message to parents or simply add to existing communications (which saves time and resources).

This could be a simple note to let parents know about the scheme, how to order, and the fundraising number they need to quote. Alternatively, you could use the opportunity to communicate with parents about bigger topics or events at the school. For example, this could be the importance of labelling uniform and belongings – especially if your school has a big lost property problem – or it could be an update on the various fundraising projects currently underway at the school – which is a great way to inspire parents by letting them know what their commission will be put towards.

Use Your End Of Year Events

You might be holding a summer concert or fair; request free posters to put up around the school to promote the Stikins ® labels fundraising scheme or request additional leaflets to hand out – this is particularly effective at end of year lost property events. You can also request free gift vouchers, which you can use as prizes at fairs.

Request Free Parent Leaflets

Send parent leaflets home at the end of term and/or add them to your new starter packs. Our leaflets let parents know how to order (and how to find out more about us, our name labels, and our school fundraising scheme) and include a space for your all-important fundraising number.

Some schools include a covering letter, explaining how the scheme works, what parents need to do, and more about the fundraising projects that the commission earned will go towards. You can find examples of letters used by existing school fundraisers on our Downloads & Useful Links page, which you can use as they are or as inspiration / a starting point for your own letter.

Add A Link To Your School / PTA Website

This gives you an opportunity to explain to parents what the scheme is and how it works – along with reminding parents about your fundraising number AND the importance of labelling items to prevent the problem of lost property. A link gives parents a simple and easy way to order name labels, which boosts the number of orders where your number is quoted.

You can also set up a link that automatically adds your fundraising number to every order placed by following that link – so even if parents forget to add your fundraising number or can’t remember what number to quote, their order will still count towards your commission total.

It’s really simple to add a link and you can find helpful instructions on our website under “Add A Website Link” in our School Fundraising Section.

For more information about our school fundraising scheme, more tips and advice on how to boost your commission earnings, and to request or download free fundraising materials, simply visit our School Fundraising home page or use the links listed under Fundraising in the menu bar.

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