Boost Your Commission This Summer With Free School Fundraising Materials

Schools: Boost Your Commission This Summer With Free School Fundraising Materials

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Boost Your Commission This Summer With Free School Fundraising Materials

Summer is always our busiest time, which means it’s also the busiest time for our school fundraisers. Most parents order name labels over the summer holidays as part of their back to school preparations. If more parents know about Stikins ® name labels (and your fundraising number), you'll earn more commission. Here are a few simple things you can do now to boost your commission earnings this summer.

Give Your Commission A Summer Boost With Free Fundraising Materials

As part of our school fundraising scheme, we supply our school fundraisers with a variety of free fundraising materials. These materials help to promote the fundraising scheme to parents. We’ve also got plenty of tips and tricks to help give your commission earnings a boost.

The most important thing is simply making sure that people know about Stikins ® name labels and your fundraising number. Our free posters and leaflets are a great way to promote the scheme.

We also supply a fundraising pack full of helpful tips and tricks. This includes our commission booster plan, which outlines six small things you can do that make a big difference to your fundraising earnings.

We’ve also brought back our free samples offer. This offer allows schools to request five free Stikins ® name labels for all of their new starters. These samples are a brilliant way to promote the fundraising scheme and encourage parents to label school kit. Parents respond really positively to having a sample they can try out for themselves. Schools that request free samples tend to see some of our best commission results.

Request Your Free School Fundraising Materials Today

All of our school fundraising materials can be requested online, by phone, or by email. To request materials online, click on the “Requests & Sign Up Form” link under “Fundraising” in the menu bar. Further materials can be found and downloaded for free by visiting the “Downloads & Useful Links” page.

Alternatively, give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help!

To request free samples, simply send the names you need printing via email. The names should be in a spreadsheet or Word document with first names in one column and surnames in a second column. If you are unable to release full names due to data protection, we can also offer more anonymous formats, such as “Initial + Surname”, “First Name + Initial”, or “Initials”. If you do use just initials, we recommend adding a class name to avoid mix ups.

We have produced a GDPR Statement relating specifically to the data that we handle when producing our free school samples. You can view or download this statement via our Downloads & Useful Links page. We will only ever use the names you send us for the specific purpose of personalising your free samples. As soon as your samples are printed, your file will be deleted from our system.

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