Boost Your Summer School Fundraising With Our Commission Booster Plan

Schools: Boost Your Summer School Fundraising With Our Commission Booster Plan

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Boost Your Summer School Fundraising With Our Commission Booster Plan

Summer is our busiest time, which means it’s also when our school fundraisers make most of their commission earnings. This year, make the most of your parents’ summer spending power and give your fundraising a boost with our summer commission booster plan.

What Is Your Summer Commission Booster Plan?

We’ve used feedback from our school fundraisers to develop advice and materials to help our fundraisers get the most out of our fundraising scheme. One of our biggest projects was developing a commission booster plan to list a few small tasks that have a big impact:

  1. Pick a champion! Select someone to represent the scheme in school and push along preparations for the summer.

  2. Request free posters. Add your posters to school noticeboards or entrances to raise parent awareness. A digital version is available for emails, websites, and social media.

  3. Add A Website Link. This makes it easier for parents to order and automatically enters your fundraising number (even if parents forget to add it). You can also include information about using name labels to reduce lost property or about projects you hope to fund with your commission.

  4. Request free leaflets. Request as many leaflets as you need; whether that’s enough for your new starters, the whole school, or a few extras to keep next to the lost property box. We also supply a digital version for emails, websites, and social media.

  5. Rally Support In School. Use our fundraising guide and PowerPoint presentation to raise awareness amongst school staff and the PTA. Add Stikins ® name labels to your fundraising agenda to crowdsource ideas for promoting the scheme and answer questions.

  6. Get Organised. List what needs doing, by when, and by whom so you can get your fundraising preparations done before summer starts. Most parents don’t think about name labels until the (end of) summer when schools are closed. Making sure that parents have the information they need NOW means you can sit back and let the scheme run over the summer by itself.


You can also request five free samples for your new starters. Each set is individually packed along with a parent leaflet and instructions for use - ready to be slipped into your new starter packs!

If you want to request free samples this year, you'll need to be quick though, as we need to receive your list of names by Friday 1st July.

Simply email your list of names in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document with the first names in one column and surnames in a second column.

If your school cannot release full names due to GDPR restrictions, we offer more anonymous formats, including initials + class, first name + class, one name only, or initials only (we recommend including class names if you need to avoid confusion over duplicate names or initials).

We also have a separate GDPR Statement, which explains how we use the data that schools send us for the purposes of requesting free samples. This statement can be found on and downloaded from our Downloads & Useful Links page.

Request Free Fundraising Materials & Get More Ideas

You can request free fundraising materials online using our Requests and Sign Up Form, which is listed under the Fundraising section of our menu bar. Our fundraising section includes plenty of tips and advice on how to get the most out of fundraising with Stikins ® name labels, along with digital copies of our fundraising materials.

Our customer service team is on hand if you would like to request fundraising materials by phone or email, as well as answering any questions or queries you may have about our school fundraising scheme.

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