Free Samples For All School Pupils, Including Your 2019 New Intake

Schools: Free Samples For All School Pupils, Including Your 2019 New Intake

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Free Samples For All School Pupils, Including Your 2019 New Intake

Yes, our free school fundraising samples are back again. This year, we’re offering free samples of Stikins for all of the pupils currently enrolled in your school, along with your new intake.

What Does The Offer Include?

We will print five personalised name labels for every pupil in your school and/or your new intake for 2019. Each sample is individually packed along with an information leaflet for parents and instructions for use.

What Are The Benefits Of Requesting Free Samples?

There are a number of benefits to samples. Our samples are personalised, which means that parents can actually see AND use these name labels for themselves and see just how fantastically simple they are to apply and how useful they can be in helping their kids to keep track of all their stuff. This encourages the use of name labels on school kit, which will have a dramatic effect on the amount of lost property that the school has to deal with.

Our free samples also give you the opportunity to see how effective our school fundraising scheme could be for your school. There is no obligation to sign up BUT this is a quick and simple way to identify how much support the fundraising scheme could potentially generate for your school.

Schools can earn up to 30% commission on sales of Stikins name labels with a school fundraising opportunity that is useful, easy, and free. 

  • Useful school fundraising: fundraising with Stikins promotes the use of name labels, which can drastically reduce the time and resources your school has to waste on managing lost property.
  • Easy school fundraising: all you have to do is sign up and let parents know about the scheme. Register using our online form and request your free resources (including an information pack, school posters, and parent leaflets) to hand out to parents – and you’re done! Parents order directly from us and we keep track of your commission earnings, which will be paid out automatically once a year in October.
  • Free school fundraising: there is no sign up fee and no ongoing costs required to participate. Our fundraising materials are completely free to request and you can request as many as you need – including parent leaflets for the whole school.  

What About GDPR Regulations?

We have produced a specific GDPR Statement relating to our samples offer, which you can download from our website here.

This statement outlines how we process the data supplied to us by schools for the purpose of providing free personalised samples.

In order to produce personalised samples, we need to request names. Schools can provide full names (first name and surname) or a combination of names, initials, and class groups (e.g. “Initial + Surname”, “First Name + Initial”, or “Initials + Class Name”) if they are unable to provide full names due to their own data protection policies.

The data we receive is used solely for the purpose of printing your samples and as soon as this is done all copies of the data are deleted from our system.

How Do I Request Free Samples For My School?

Simply email us at to let us know you would like to take up our offer!

When sending over your list of names (or initials etc), it is best to send them in an Excel spreadsheet; with the first names in the first column and surnames in the second column. If you are requesting samples for the whole school, please feel free to include class names in the third column and we will ensure that the samples are packed in groups so that they are easier for you to distribute.

If you would like to find out more about our school fundraising scheme, please visit the Fundraising Section of our website. To request an information pack or to sign up and request your fundraising number and free fundraising resources, simply fill in our online Sign Up & Requests Form.

If you need any further information about our sample offer or the Stikins school fundraising scheme, you can also contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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