By Popular Demand – It’s The Return Of Our Summer Samples For Schools!

Schools: By Popular Demand – It’s The Return Of Our Summer Samples For Schools!

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By Popular Demand – It’s The Return Of Our Summer Samples For Schools!

This year, in addition to super sizing our school fundraising scheme, we’ve brought back our school samples. We've also updated our offer to make it even easier for schools to request their free samples.

Free Name Label Samples For Schools

Every year, we offer free samples to schools and PTAs. These samples encourage parents to give name labelling a try by showing them just how easy it is to label everything with Stikins ® stick on name labels.

We’ve had brilliant feedback about our samples, especially from delighted staff who have banished a mountain of lost property from their offices!  We've also found that samples provide a brilliant boost to schools who have signed up to our school fundraising scheme. Our scheme allows schools, PTAs, and children’s groups to earn 30% commission on sales of name labels.

Our offer is for five free Stikins ® name labels for all your new starters. Each sample is personalised and supplied in its own bag (pre-printed with instructions for use) along with a parent leaflet. Simply let us know what to print and we'll get your samples packed and sent to the school for distribution.

This year, we are offering five ways to personalise your name labels. This means you can choose an option that meets your school’s GDPR guidelines. Our formats range from full names to anonymous initials. Choose from:

An example of our free personalised school samples for new starters. The image shows two rows of Stikins; the top row indicates each of the five formats available, while the bottom row gives an example. The first format reads FULL NAME and Charlie Summer. The second format reads FIRST NAME AND INITIAL and Charlie S. The third format reads FIRST NAME ONLY and Charlie. The fourth format reads SURNAME ONLY and Summer. The fifth format reads INITIALS ONLY and C S.

All of these options make our samples useful to parents and schools. With our samples, parents can give stick on name labels a try, while getting the most expensive school items safely labelled at no cost.

Request Your School Samples Today

To request your samples you can either email us or use our Sign Up & Requests Form. Your list of names should be supplied in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet (or similar). We can print one or two lines of text so please arrange your names in one or two columns as preferred. If you include class names or year groups, we will pack your samples into groups for easy distribution.

We have a GDPR statement, which explains how we use the data you provide for the purpose of supplying free samples. You can view and/or download this statement from our Downloads & Useful Links page.

If you have any questions or queries about our free sample offer, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

Our new starter samples offer is open to all UK schools and will run until the end of June.

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