Our School Fundraising Year Ends This Month – Have You Doubled Your Commission Rate Yet?

Schools: Our School Fundraising Year Ends This Month – Have You Doubled Your Commission Rate Yet?

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Our School Fundraising Year Ends This Month – Have You Doubled Your Commission Rate Yet?

Our school fundraising year is drawing to a close; if you haven’t doubled your commission rate yet, you’ve only got until the end of the month to get it done. Here’s what you need to do!

School Fundraising With Stikins Name Labels

All of our school fundraising partners receive 15% commission on sales of Stikins name labels when they join our fundraising scheme. We offer a bonus rate of 30% commission to school partners who add a link to the Stikins website on their school or PTA website.

You can add a banner link or a simple text link; you can find full details on how to do this on our Add A Website Link page. This page includes a tool to generate the code you need to add a banner link (four banner sizes are available so you can choose one that suits the layout of your website), along with instructions on how to add a simple text link.

Adding a link is a simple thing to do and it has more benefits than you might think. Not only will you double your commission rate but it also provides a really handy way for parents to order – and the link will even automatically add your fundraising number to orders placed by following that link. This means that even if parents forget to enter your school fundraising number, their order will still count towards your commission earnings.

A link also provides a great opportunity to let parents know about the importance of labelling school items to cut down on lost property and you can even let parents know about some of the fundraising projects that they will be helping to support when they order name labels from Stikins.

Claim Your 30% Commission Rate Today

Whether you add your link today, tomorrow, or later this week, the most important thing you need to do is to LET US KNOW you’ve now got a link! Simply fill in our online Commission Claim form or get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

We’ll check your link to make sure it is working properly and get you upgraded to our 30% commission rate.

Remember that you can use our online Fundraising Portal to keep track of your commission earnings throughout the year. Our School Fundraising section also includes tips and advice for getting the most out of the Stikins Fundraising Scheme (including our Commission Booster Plan), free resources for you to download, and our Requests Form, which you can use to request free fundraising materials (including our parent leaflets and posters).

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