Simple Ways To Give Your School Fundraising A Seasonal Boost

Schools: Simple Ways To Give Your School Fundraising A Seasonal Boost

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Simple Ways To Give Your School Fundraising A Seasonal Boost

Christmas is a great time to give your school fundraising a bit of a boost. Schools are in regular contact with parents, which creates brilliant opportunities to remind parents about fundraising activities (like fundraising with Stikins ® labels). Here are a few small things you can do in December to earn extra commission this Christmas.

School Fundraising Opportunities At Christmas

Christmas gives parents a chance to take stock of their children’s school uniform and kit. Some might have missed items during this summer's back-to-school-labelling-rush. Some will need to replace outgrown (or lost!) items. Others will have new lists of required kit for next term.

This means they all have something in common. They all might be looking to top up their name labels stash.

Christmas is also a time of regular contact between schools and parents. End of term communications are a great way to remind parents about the Stikins ® labels school fundraising scheme. They’re a simple (and free) way to boost your fundraising because you can add to existing communications instead of spending resources on brand new communications.

You could remind parents about the benefits of name labels (like reducing lost property), inform parents about projects that will be supported with your commission, or simply (re)introduce parents to our fundraising scheme.

In any case, the most important thing is to make sure parents know about Stikins ® name labels AND your fundraising number.

So, why not give your fundraising a seasonal boost by adding a note about Stikins ® labels to letters, texts, and emails being sent home this Christmas.

You could also add information about fundraising with Stikins ® name labels to your website. If you add a link to our website, parents get a really simple way to order. This also means that parents will have all the information they need to order even when the school is closed.

Remember, we also supply free posters and leaflets. You can put posters up around the school so parents get a reminder whenever they visit over the Christmas season. You can also send leaflets home with end of year communications.

Get Free Advice & Fundraising Materials

All of our free resources are available on our website through our “School Fundraising” pages. Our website features free fundraising advice, like our Commission Booster Plan, which outlines six small things you can do that can make a big difference to your commission earnings. We’ve also created a Sign Up & Requests Form, which you can use (throughout the year) to request our free leaflets and posters. Our Downloads and Useful Links page also has plenty of free resources for you to use.

Please contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions about fundraising with Stikins ® name labels.

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